12 Nude Photography Tips | Stylish Nudes And Poses

Nude photography is not for everyone – neither for every model in front of the camera, nor for every photographer behind it. This area has been explored for a long time and is now a much-discussed topic in the art world. Do you feel a little wobbly when you think about a nude photoshoot? Do not worry! With the following tips, you will definitely succeed in conjuring up sensual and aesthetic photos.

Turn up the heat

Let’s start with a simple yet effective tip. If your photo model is not wearing any clothes for the nude photographs, she or he will definitely get a little cold over time. So that the model’s shivering doesn’t make it difficult for you to take the picture, it’s best to turn on the heating a few hours before the shoot. But don’t turn your room into a sauna right away. The room temperature should be as comfortable as possible, ideally at a medium to high level. So always remember – the more comfortable the temperature, the more relaxed the nude model and the better your nude photos will be!

Just relax

Chances are, the nude model will have some trouble standing in front of you without clothes—at least initially. And that brings us to the next valuable tip. Not every person will be able to remove their clothes in front of a foreign photographer without batting an eyelid. This is the time when you should have a conversation, a “small talk”. Talk to your nude model about pets, children, work, TV shows – whatever comes to your mind. You will see how the initially awkward atmosphere relaxes and the conversations will accompany you in a relaxed atmosphere until the end of the shooting.

Make it easy

The nude photography itself is already demanding for the nude model. We therefore recommend that you keep the poses for the photos as simple as possible. Some photo models you will work with are normal, everyday people who want to do something special for themselves or a loved one. So, they’ll have enough on their minds just because they’re naked in front of the camera. If you then have to add complex poses, it becomes more difficult for you as a photographer.

It is best to have your nude model lie down, sit down or just stand up. As you do this, try moving the camera around the person so you can capture different angles of each pose.

Nude does not equal naked

As already mentioned, it is a misconception to understand nude photography as the complete nudity of the photo model. Rather, the female or male nude models cover themselves in different ways on different parts of the body during the shoot. In other words – nude photography does not only consist of erotic photos, but also shows aesthetic and emotional shots of a wide variety of people who are shedding their “protective coat” at this very moment.

For example, a female nude model can use her arms to cover her chest area. Or a male nude model covers his groin region with his hands. Alternatively, you can use leaves or other props to cover part of the nude model while emphasizing another area. Such recordings are often much more attractive, because the viewer perceives the covering of certain body regions as a secret.

Make a shooting list

For photo shoots, it’s common to make a shooting list of all the poses you’d like to capture. It is best to sit down with the relevant nude model in advance and discuss the desired poses with one another. Maybe your ideas differ from those of the model?

It is best to show your nude model the different types of nude photography using some example photos:

  • Boudoir photography
  • Partial/half-nude photography
  • Baby bump nude photography
  • Couple nude photography
  • Buttocks Photography
  • Nude Portrait Photography
  • Black and white nude photography

This gives your counterpart a better idea of ​​it and you can find out at the same time whether the props you want have to be procured before the shoot or whether everything is available. Because the last thing you want is to have your nude model waiting during the shoot because you don’t have the required items on site.

Use props

Using props is a good thing in two ways. On the one hand, they help your nude model to relax better – clumsy hands would then be busy. And on the other hand, props change the dynamics of the picture. For example, a pretty pearl necklace adorns the chest area, a feather covers the groin area, or a musical instrument is placed in the foreground. Here you can really reach into the creative box.

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