4 Classic Packaging Design Trends in 2022

People make snap judgments about people and things based on appearance, and they typically purchase products based entirely on the packaging design.

Your brand ambassador is your product package design. Unappealing, unprofessional product packaging may easily make a good product uninteresting.

If you are looking to create new product packaging or planning a redesign this year, you need to be familiar with packaging design trends that are proven to be effective at marketing and creating memorable brands.

Here, we have highlighted four significant classic trends in package design and consumer products that we predict will be particularly prevalent this year.


Many consumers, particularly Generation Z and Millennials, choose ecologically friendly products. People, for example, are increasingly favoring reusable and recyclable items and packaging. This burgeoning trend should be met by designing biodegradable and reusable packaging.

Sustainable packaging instills in consumers the idea that their purchases might benefit the environment. Furthermore, environmentally conscientious packaging helps raise environmental awareness. Your consumers will appreciate the increased sense of camaraderie and happiness.


Brands are striving to develop pure, crisp, exceedingly basic stripped-back brands, packaging designs, and brand contexts in the ultra-pure trend. This is a reaction to the increased customer awareness and demand for simply designed companies and products. Ultra-pure pushes brand simplicity a step further: it is the practice of distilling a brand’s essence down to its most basic, abstract sense. It’s the polar opposite of extravagance and the epitome of brand integrity.

Typically, the branding is conveyed using simple abstract forms that symbolize some feature of the product itself. It is based on a lack of branding: there are typically no standard logos. Instead, manufacturers who adopt this trend utilize basic sans-serif style font for both the brand’s logo and the package typeface. Ultra-Pure is a strong brand with monochromatic or dichromatic color schemes.

Less Is More

The concept of luxury of less represents the latest era of luxury items that do not rely on brand names and excessive, flamboyant, over-design. In this post-recession period, Western cultures are witnessing the emergence of a new generation of luxury branding in which package design and premium branding are meant to whisper instead of scream.

It is now possible to appreciate the entire brand experience almost as highly as the actual product. Despite the fact that the economic situation for luxury companies has altered, there is still a great demand for their brands to represent quality, legacy, authenticity, and high values. Excessive, over-the-top, and unrelatable branding is no longer acceptable.

Instead of attempting to be flashy, this new generation is all about brands that radiate sophistication. The most significant component of the brand is the subtle clues in the packaging. It is a rebirth to a well-crafted and well-thought-out concept of luxury.


Aesthetic authenticity is a trend that deviates significantly from the norm yet is fast becoming the norm itself. Technically, it represents a total rejection of existing corporate brand design and is a response to a shifting customer base, with the majority of consumers no longer willing to depend on, or embrace, known brands. Consumers’ preferences are changing toward more authentic, genuine, high-quality, and truthful items. Many consumers love products that are simple yet well-crafted and even antique. It’s about products that exemplify trust and an unintentional human connection.

With this generation of Gen Z customers, the digital world has created a lack of personal touch. As a result, classic established corporate brands are not resonating with these customers. They desire more, and they want more. They want a genuine, trustworthy personal connection to the brands and products they purchase.

Many of the companies who opt for a visually realistic design do so with the intention of bonding with their customers. They accomplish this by emphasizing the creativity, quality, and competence in both the product and the package design. As the trend has progressed, it has transcended beyond modest craft brands and is now becoming more popular.

What Trends Will You Leverage?

People’s expectations, tastes, and requirements greatly influence packaging design trends. So, if you’ve not upgraded your product packaging in a while, now is your moment. By cultivating a sense of trust and togetherness in your consumers, you can create packaging designs that match your brand and product properly.

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