A bookkeeping business helps other businesses manage their finances and accounts. They need to deal with large numbers, carefully track accounts, and ensure that their client’s cash flow is accounted for. The slightest mistake or error can result in financial losses for the client. This makes it necessary for a bookkeeping business owner to be careful about work at all times. 

While running a bookkeeping business can be challenging, it can also be a rewarding experience. If you find yourself constantly burning out and seeing no growth in your business, then it may be time to stop and reconsider your strategy. Here are eight signs that your bookkeeping business may need help: 

1. You’re Overworked Every Week 

If you find that you and your employees work more than forty hours a week, you may be doing something wrong. Forty hours is the recommended number of hours you and your employees should work in a week. Going beyond that leaves no room for you or your team to enjoy your personal life, deal with emotional problems, or even enjoy recreational hobbies. 

When this happens, it shows that you’re taking on more work than your business can handle. Over time, this isn’t sustainable. It can also indicate that you’re accepting clients who may not be suitable for your business. That is, you’re taking every client you get instead of choosing clients that match your organization. 

2. Not Getting the Time to Run Your Business 

As a business owner, there are various operational tasks you need to focus on. Aside from running your business, it would be best to strategise on how to grow your business. However, if you find that you have no time to tend to your business’s needs, you should consider stopping. 

If you’re only focusing on client projects and delivering their work, then you won’t get time to run your business. As a business owner, your priority should be how to better manage and grow your business. 

3. Not Getting Timely Payments 

If your invoice management system is flawed, then there’s a chance that your clients might not pay you on time. When this happens, your funds get affected. This, in turn, could influence how you run and manage your business. Without working capital, you may be forced to borrow money or delay your payments. 

Invest in good invoice management software that can generate, send, and monitor whether payments have been made. 

4. Failed Marketing Efforts 

If your marketing efforts aren’t giving you the results you desire, you need to ask yourself why. Are you marketing your business to the right clients? Have you found your target market? Who is your ideal buyer persona? 

Not knowing who your target market is can misdirect you when it comes to creating a good marketing strategy. 

5. Too Many Ideas That Don’t Work 

Do you feel the need to constantly change your business and bring in new ideas to make improvements? Then that can show that your bookkeeping business isn’t working. 

A good business follows established workplace principles and focuses on maintaining consistency and productivity. 

6. A Bad Cash Flow Management System 

If you don’t monitor where your money is going, then you could wing up spending where you didn’t need to. Ideally, you should save more than you spend on your business. 

A sound cash flow management system can keep you updated on all financial matters, including utilities and taxes. 

7. No Life Outside Work

Even the best business leaders need a break from time to time. Do you find yourself constantly working and have lost meaningful relationships and connections over time? Then you need to consider if your bookkeeping business is indeed working for you. 

A sound bookkeeping business management system can give you the work balance you need to succeed. 

8. You Constantly Feel Stressed and Sick 

Work shouldn’t affect your health, and when it does, you need to think about why. How can you improve your business management so that your health doesn’t suffer from it? 

Long-term exposure to stress places you at risk for other illnesses as well, such as depression and anxiety. 


If you find yourself experiencing these eight signs while running your bookkeeping business, then it may be time to bring in help. That ensures that you learn and grow as a business leader and that your business survives and thrives. 

Another way you can protect your bookkeeping business is with professional indemnity insurance. If you want to learn more about how professional indemnity insurance can cover your bookkeeping business, then click here.