Best Home Fragrances for Summer

Have you ever had a scent pop out of nowhere only to discover that it triggered a memory you thought you had forgotten? Research shows that smell is a powerful tool that can lead to the recall of emotional memories

Smells can have a positive or negative effect on our moods and can even make us associate a particular scent with a season.

When thinking of seasonal home fragrances, we typically associate pumpkin and apple scents with fall, gingerbread and peppermint with winter, and fresh linen, roses, and lavender with spring.

But what are some scents that come to mind when you think of summer home fragrances? Continue reading for the best home scents for summer that could potentially create memories for you and your household.

Citrus Scents

It is hard not to think of summer without it reminding us of drinking a cold glass of lemonade. The cool scents of citrus such as lemon, orange, and grapefruit can have a calming effect on us, helping to reduce anxiety and stress.

The aroma of grapefruit can enhance memory and fight depression, while lemon can have a positive effect on mood and boost cognitive performance.

The study at the Mayo Clinic also shows that the scent of mandarin essential oils reduces stress and has a positive impact on a patient’s digestion system.

Earthy Scents

If you love the smell of the outdoors and taking long summer evening hikes in the forest, then bring the outdoors inside with these earthy home fragrances. 

Cedarwood is among the best home fragrances for relaxing the body and the mind and is used in aromatherapy. You can check out home fragrance defusers here for the best way to fragrance your home. Use a cedarwood essential oil in your next meditation session and inhale the benefits.

If you are looking for a scent to help lift your spirits then try a little sandalwood essential oil. This sweet, gentle smell is sure to revitalize your mind while helping to reduce restlessness and fatigue.

Another essential oil that is used during meditation is rosewood which is described as having a fruity, floral smell with a light woody scent. Rosewood can help with colds, stress, and upset stomachs.

Tropical Scents

When thinking about summer home fragrances, the scent of coconut might come to mind. We associate coconut with warm sandy beaches, but did you know that coconut oil is known to help balance blood pressure, as well as balance cholesterol, hormone, and blood sugar levels? This is a top favorite and considered one of the best home fragrances.

Some other great tropical scents include hibiscus, peach, and mango. You can even get creative and blend your own essential oil scents to help boost your mood and keep your home smelling great all summer long.

Organic Home Fragrances

Essential oils have many health benefits when used properly, but always make sure to check that they are safe for use. Some can be toxic to animals, while others may be unsafe to use while pregnant.

Always buy pure or organic essential oil home fragrances to ensure that what you are buying is clean. Real essential oils will evaporate when burned and not leave a greasy residue. 

Have fun with your summer fragrances and mix it up! Fall will be here before you know it and you’ll be longing once more for the scents of summer.

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