Quality lenses with stylish frames at cheap prices are scarce. And when you need them urgently you don’t have much of a choice. Maybe you lost your glasses or broke them badly and you need to attend a meeting or a test is coming up. You need your glasses as soon as possible. You would wish for time to go back and you haven’t broken or lost your old glasses. But in reality, you will need to look for glasses online that give quick delivery.

You will either compromise with the style or the quality of the glasses. You might end up buying the usual rectangular frames which may not look good on your face but are good enough prescription eyeglasses to make you see your test paper or the answer sheet of your friend. In an exam, you need glasses or you are flunking your papers. You could care for style later.

But what if you don’t have to bother about price and get stylish and quality glasses delivered at a fast speed and not cost much? You would go for it, right? Then try out the quality glasses from Specscart.

High-Quality Lenses

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If you have a high power prescription, then your glasses make your eyes look unusual. Glasses for myopia can make your eyes appear smaller and glasses for hyperopia can make your eyes appear larger than normal. These glasses tarnish your look. When you are in urgent need of glasses, you just buy any glasses even if they are of low quality making your eyes look weird. High index lenses do not make your eyes look unnatural.

Specscart offers high delivery speed with glasses with high power. You can get high index lenses for your high power glasses and that too at a low cost. And you don’t have to wait for a very long time as well.

Apart from high index lenses, standard lenses from Specscart come with fully coated anti-glare, anti UV, anti-scratch and shatterproof coating for free. Your glasses give you better clarity but also protect your eyes from glares and UV rays.

Blue light Glasses

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Are blue light glasses worth it? They definitely are in this digital era. Everywhere you are surrounded by digital devices, and not one thing is possible without your devices. You are reliant on your devices as they are convenient. But this convenience is also affecting your eyesight. You are having eye strain, fatigue, dry eyes, headache and insomnia, all because of overexposure to blue lights emitted from the computers and other digital devices.

By wearing blue light glasses, you are blocking blue light emission that can harm your eyes. You can work longer on computers without hurting your eyes. You can use blue light blocking glasses for work, for leisure time reading e-books or playing games on your computer.

From Specscart, you can get blue light lenses for £25. Not only are these lenses cheap but effective against 99.99 per cent of blue light emission.

Transition glasses

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Transition glasses make you look stylish. The dark shades make your glasses look like sunglasses and the gradual darkening of the lenses give you a very unique look. These glasses are comfortable everywhere and anytime. You can wear them while working or while driving. The comfortable vision helps you in doing all your activities with ease. Transition glasses are a bit pricey but they are cost-effective. These glasses block blue lights and also protect you from UV rays. These glasses are a one-stop solution for your eyes. If you keep losing glasses because you have one too many eyewear (one prescription glasses and one sunglasses), then getting these glasses will make it convenient for you and also will cost you less in comparison.

Varifocal Glasses

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Varifocal glasses are expensive and take more days to get delivered. From Specscart you can however get your varifocal glasses within a week. Varifocal glasses are important for people with presbyopia. No other glasses give as much comfort as varifocals. This helps in seeing far, near and normal distance objects clearly and with comfort.

Most bifocal glasses needs you to make an adjustment to your position to see things clearly. Varifocal glasses on the other hand are designed to give you clear vision with maximum comfort. You can use your glasses for any activity whether it is reading, working on a computer or driving, you will not experience any discomfort wearing these glasses.

There are many styles of glasses in Specscart and you can get high-quality lenses for them. You can get these prescription glasses online and get them delivered as fast as the next day. You get to save a lot on cost without compromising on the quality or style.