Bromley Businesses: A Guide to Great First Impressions 

Successful businesses understand how great first impressions and success are tied together, and most importantly, they know how to hit the mark. Whenever a customer makes first contact with a business, whether it be in-person, by phone, on your website, on a street poster, or in an email and however else, their experience has to be positive to encourage a return. Throughout this article, we’ll run through the essentials of great first impressions. 

The Website

In the year 2023, the majority of people have a smartphone or other internet-ready device, which means a website is often the first point of contact for customers. Therefore, having an attractive, functional, and well-branded site is essential. Whenever a customer lands on a website, they need to easily find the following:

  • About: Customers want to know who they’re dealing with, so tell them on a clear “About Us” page. 
  • Products or services: Visitors have landed on your site, so make sure your products and services are displayed with thorough descriptions. 
  • Contact information: Some people still enjoy talking to humans, so make sure all contact details are displayed. 
  • Operating hours: Tell your new audience when they can access your services, whether it be physical or virtual. 

The Receptionist

A receptionist/host is usually the first human interaction new customers will experience, so you need to make sure you’ve hired the correct person and given appropriate training. The quality of your receptionist speaks volumes about your business, so ask yourself if they tick the following criteria:

  1. A pleasant phone voice.
  2. Friendly personality.
  3. Patience.
  4. Company knowledge to answer all questions.
  5. Ability to deal with complaints/diffuse issues.

The Lobby

When new customers or clients visit your office, they will likely take note of how clean the extremities are, including the entryway, car park, and lobby. Therefore, you should make sure proper cleaning measures are put in place throughout the day, and be sure to check regularly. Additionally, you can train your team to clean as they go, which also means picking up any litter they find during the day. 

Cleanliness is only part of a great physical first impression; the lobby needs to feel warm and welcoming as well. To do this, spend time on interior design and don’t be afraid to ask for support. Additionally, when choosing furniture, consider going contemporary and exploring the ligne roset Bromley catalogue. 

Positive Communication Across All Channels

Whether a customer contacts your business by phone, social media, email, web chat or in person, they need to receive outstanding service. You can’t monitor every aspect at once, but you can provide proper training and set KPIs. Additionally, you can record phone conversations and carry out spot checks for all other channels. As well as this, make sure customers have a way of providing feedback. 

Giving excellent first impressions involves hiring the right people, taking pride in all areas of your business, and nurturing a positive working culture. When you get the first impressions right, you’ll see return business increasing. 

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