Dictation Transcription vs. Voice Recognition Software: What’s the Difference?

Voice recognition software and dictation transcription enable organizations to keep detailed records of thoughts and ideas shared by thought leaders. In the case of dictation transcription, trained personnel writes down the spoken information word-for-word. Voice recognition software is Al-powered with speech recognition algorithms that detect spoken language and write it down in text form.

What Are the Differences Between Voice Recognition Software and Dictation Transcription?

These two approaches streamline the process of keeping records, enabling hard of hearing and deaf people to access information. Dictation transcription wins the battle of who is who between the two solutions. Humans have emotional intelligence and can detect emotion-triggered mistakes that voice recognition software cannot. Dictation transcription offered by experienced transcribers at GoTranscript guarantees over 99% accuracy and unmatched quality of the finished product.

Versatility and Turnarounds

Many firms and businesses want to keep their data updated and organized. Professionals in the medical and legal industry rarely want to wait long to extract valuable information from conversations with clients. Therefore, they wouldn’t find dictation-transcription feasible, as recording and transcribing audio files takes time. In this case, voice recognition software is ideal as it records and converts the files into text on demand.

However, voice recognition software does not offer the flexibility to make transcripts more valuable. The software lacks the capacity to identify and add speaker identifiers and other special characters that make transcripts a true reflection of what the speakers said. Besides, Al-powered digital dictation systems may have difficulty differentiating speakers and analyzing topics comprehensively. On the other hand, humans have the skill to differentiate speakers in a conversation and understand topics regardless of their complexity. This aspect gives dictation transcription the upper hand.

At GoTranscript, we’re experts in transcribing video and audio dictation for multiple industries. Upload the audio file you want to be transcribed on our online platform and allow our specialists to convert it into flawless documents within a short turnaround.

Differences in Accessibility

Effective communication is necessary for every organization, especially legal firms and businesses serving public needs. All communications must meet the ADA guidelines, ensuring it offers aids and services to people with communication disabilities. It’s vital to consider people with hearing problems when dispensing information to provide guidance and professional service. Both dictation and digital voice recognition systems ensure quick access to information.

However, transcripts generated by digital voice recognition systems don’t meet all ADA guidelines. That’s because their accuracy and quality tend to be subpar. These systems lack the intelligence to relay the audio records into documents accurately. Using such inaccurate transcripts as a mode of communication renders the communication ineffective.

Transcript solutions offered by GoTranscript are practical tools of communication. We turn your audio and video into 99.99% accurate transcripts relaying the exact information. Our transcripts are easy to understand and make it easy for people with hearing problems to comprehend audio and video content.


The accuracy of a transcript is a top priority for every organization. Whether handled by an in-house team or outsourced, transcription should meet all standards of accuracy. Many voice recognition systems can automatically generate transcripts from your records. These systems are good for time-sensitive transcription needs but aren’t a sure bet if you’re concerned about accuracy.

If you want accurate transcripts, you should engage professional transcription services like GoTranscript. All transcription projects are edited by humans, from scratch to the completed copy. Our transcribers don’t just deliver automatically generated transcripts in their raw form. They take time to review and remove errors in these texts, giving 99.99% accurate documents free of grammatical and spelling mistakes.


Both dictation transcription and voice recognition software are convenient ways to relay information and facilitate communication between people with different communication needs. Uploading audio and getting it automatically converted into text by speech recognition software is time-saving. You get the transcripts the instance you need them without the bustles. However, the inconvenient part of these transcripts is that they might have errors that could disrupt smooth communication.

In contrast, dictation transcription takes a different route. After a team of human transcribers transcribes the audio or video files, a qualified team will work on it to identify mistakes and clean any sentences. They can identify and correct spelling errors and grammar-related issues.


Professionals in different industries can significantly benefit from using these two viable technologies to track data and keep information records. Combining both technologies is the best way to achieve optimal results from your data-tracking efforts. You might need to incorporate high-quality transcription solutions like GoTranscript for better results.

At GoTranscript, we offer first-class transcription and editing services to businesses, medical teams, and legal firms. Our services are tailored to meet your effective communication needs at a price friendly to your pockets. Contact us today to get more information about dictation transcription and benefit from our top-notch talent.

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