How Has Social Media Changed Marketing Perspective

A few decades ago, the world of marketing was totally dependent on print media, TV and radio. However, with the emergence of the internet, only a limited number of the population was active on it, which has now impressively grown to unmeasurable heights. This exponential growth in internet usage has given an immense opportunity to social media marketing SEO Consultant Preston.

With the expansion of social media sites, the clear expansion of SEO digital marketing campaigns can be seen. These social media channels have provided internet marketers with opportunities to help leverage their brand visibility over the internet. The way your website is ranked on a search engine can make a great difference in the customer base, lead generation and conversion rate. 

Also, when it comes to building organic website traffic, no match is better than integrating social media with search engine optimization. Many social media trends are in place that impact search engine optimization marketing to enhance conversion rates and elevate the lead generation process. 

We will discuss how social media changed the marketing perspective and brought an exceptional change in marketing strategies through this post. 

Before digging into how social media has changed the marketing perspective, let’s look at how marketing was done before the emergence of social media sites

There were limitations in the horizons of marketing before social media. Emails were used for only inbound marketing, and it was with the use of search engines the rise of inbound marketing occurred. Before social media, SEO was counted as the black hat technique, which used to be carried out with tags overuse, keywords stuffing etc. The dominance of non-digital aspects majorly existed, and businesses heavily relied on telephone marketing, including radio and TV content creation services.

The impact of social media on marketing perspective:

In the past, the purpose of social media was only restricted to creating social connections. Many platforms allowed people to establish networks with each other, while ads and businesses did not have any existence on sites like Twitter and Facebook. But, over time, social media platforms have immensely evolved by allowing people to make connections and let them follow celebrities, influencers, and brands. Due to this evolution in social media sites, brands and businesses began to use sites like Facebook and Instagram to market their products and services. 

  • Social media markets collect feedback

Social media sites provide options to let businesses and brands reveal about them. Also, people can give their views and feedback related to any business via comments. Social media has provided a concrete platform to collect customers’ feedback via likes, comments and shares in a single place to work on low points and improve business planning effectively. 

  • Organic and paid campaigns under the same roof

Many businesses consider executing ads on an occasional basis, and social media channels such as Facebook allow the running of ads and free campaigns in a single place. Take an example of Facebook video ads. These Facebook video ads allow sharing of content to a wider audience. Moreover, these ads are focused on specific demographics related to gender, locality, age etc. Therefore, they can be very well used to drive the right kind of audience to your brand page or business account. For instance, the demographics can be directly targeted depending on activities like interests and psychographics Professional SEO Services. 

  • Access to large data

The popularity of paid advertising on social media sites is incredible. It is because paid advertisements offer access to massive amounts of data. Unlike traditional marketing, that involves reaching out to people who might or might not be interested in what you’re offering. With the growth of social media, the data offered to businesses has become wider, so you are not just restricted to seeing who is responding to your marketing messages. Still, you can use all the available information to improvise your marketing techniques. Many changes in marketing strategies can be implemented with the data received. In addition, you can make some changes and tweaks as per your target audience regarding content delivery. Accessing large data also eliminates the guesswork. With large data usage, be rest assured that each campaign can be better than the last.

Many companies consider running campaigns on Facebook and Instagram-like social media sites. You can seek help from attractive tools offered by these sites to make a big impact on your audience. In fact, Instagram has an inbuilt Instagram video editor, a tool to allow editing of your videos for campaigns using explicit audio and visual effects. So, don’t miss out on checking the Instagram video editor to give wings to your content!

  • The connection between marketing and customer servicing

The uprising of social media has successfully merged two entities, i.e., marketing and customer service, which used to be separate in the past. Now, users can use social media sites to directly contact the brand and companies, which was earlier impossible. If anyone has any questions or doubts, they can clarify with the company by dropping a message, to which the company will respond within the prescribed time. These responses from the company are not always immediate, and it can be a few minutes or hours, or maybe 1 to 2 working days. But, the good part is that the users don’t need to wait over a phone call to wait for their lifetime to get a reply. 

So, these were the brief points covering how social media has changed marketing perspectives. Well, social media has changed the marketing perspective and modified business operations to an extent. However, no sector is left behind by social media’s changes. Before social media came in, communication was one way, and many other things were also lacking. 


The advent of social media certainly has an intangible impact on how digital marketing is conducted. The emergence of social media has made many companies and businesses develop a deep and lasting connection with their audience. Companies and users both have free access to communicate effectively and timely. With social media sites, geographical barriers are fully eradicated. Companies can now seamlessly target audiences anywhere on the planet and nurture their relationship.

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