How to Build a Great PC Gaming Setup on the Cheap

PC gaming is not a cheap pastime, even if most of the biggest titles are free to play these days. Building a decent gaming setup will cost you in the thousands at the very least, but that doesn’t mean that you need to get several thousands of dollars into the hole to enjoy games. You don’t need the best setup on the planet to run AAA games. As a matter of fact, most AAA games were made with middle-of-the-road specs in mind to reach the highest number of players possible. But you do have to know where you can’t skimp on quality. Let’s take a look at how you can build a great PC gaming setup for relatively little.

Spend Most of the Money on the GPU

The most important part of your gaming PC will be the graphics processing unit or GPU. This is the only place where you can’t go cheap, but you don’t need to get the latest card either. Overspending on a card is one of the worst mistakes you can make, and you don’t need a card that can handle fancy things like ray tracing if 99% of the titles out there don’t even use it. So if we were to give you one piece of advice is to not go over something like a GeForce 30 or AMD’s RX 6000 range of cards.

Buy Accessories Wisely

You also need to be wise when buying peripherals, accessories, and equipment for your gaming setup. When it comes to furniture, we would suggest that you look for used options when you can and not go for gear marked as gaming gear. You should do just fine with a good office chair and desk, and you should have no issues finding this type of gear used in your area.

When it comes to peripherals, do not overspend but spend where it counts. You need at least a top-of-the-line mechanical keyboard and wired mouse. A good monitor also helps, but you don’t have to get the one with the highest refresh rate or resolution on the planet, especially when you have a modest graphics card.

You also need a good headset, but this is another place where you don’t need to go all out. All you need is good latency, high-grade materials, and be able to use it for long periods without having to charge it. Brands like have headsets and accessories at affordable prices.

Consider Building Your PC

Building a PC instead of buying it could also be an option, but you need to have at least a basic understanding of how PCs work and are built. You need to know what a motherboard is, how to connect a chip to a motherboard, and know what mistakes to avoid. Knowing which parts are compatible and troubleshooting are the two most complicated parts of building a PC. Everything else comes with skill and experience. So we would suggest that you read up on the process and watch footage of pipe building PCs to get an idea of whether this is something you could do.

Building a gaming setup will cost you money, but you don’t have to pay through the roof. Just start small and work your way up until you have the setup of your dreams.

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