Is Cricjam app reach up to the industry standards? Explore this here

The gaming industry has developed by leaps and bounds over the century. Online gaming has taken over the world by an unprecedented storm and understandably so, given the pandemic and with people sitting at home looking for ways to have both an entertaining time as well as quick ways to make money, online gaming seems to be quite the option they resort to. A wide variety of gaming apps have developed over the years, each specializing in a certain kind of gameplay. The most popular ones in this regard are cricket-based apps. These games are devised keeping in mind all age demographics, sex demographics, and varied interests. Now that you have a target audience, you need to zone in on the areas of gaming that need development, work, and undivided attention. 

To take your app up to industry-standard levels, there are three areas you need to work on- gameplay, user interface, and security features. Cricket-based gaming apps require truly flexible and user-friendly yet graphical gameplay. Graphical representation of the games is quite important since it not only appears attractive to the gamer’s mind eye but also gives them the necessary impetus to improve their gaming adventure and knack. The user interface requires a mention since the primary function of an interface is that it is supposed to help the gamer interact with the app. A smoothly operating interface would no doubt boost your gaming standards since it expands your horizons and makes the games easily accessible and navigable. To take your app to industry levels and create a greater reach, you also need to focus on online advertising and in-game marketing strategies. Further reading reviews and sufficient brand promotion should also be on the cards if you want your company to reach to be at par with industrial levels. In order to know if the Cricjam app is actually good, please read on.


Cricjam is one of the top platforms to play fantasy cricket. Their leaderboard stays updated 24*7 and is task-based, meaning players can participate daily in their contests or take up their offers and in return win points and form their dream team. The leaderboard is simple and intuitive and helps the players keep track of their records or performance relative to others. In the context of UI, the app has undoubtedly one of the best interfaces with easy navigation and interaction that allows the players to engage in an indirect mode of communication.  A clean and user-friendly interface is highly recommended and appreciated among gamers since it enables them to keep on playing for hours in the end without getting paused intermittently for technical glitches.   It has an extensive verification process and all data is end-to-end encrypted so you don’t have to worry about any privacy breach or data leak or security issues.  They offer both horizontal and vertical gameplay which is both graphic and decluttered. All these make cricjam one of the top gaming apps to look out for. 


This is yet another top gaming app and trending quite much nowadays owing to its superb gameplay, leaderboard, and security features. GetMega is RNG certified and a member of AIGF (All India Gaming Federation). It is a highly sought-after gaming app since it provides a wide range of games, multiplayer gameplay, and a walkthrough of detailed guidance into each of the games. It enables video chatting while gaming and one can view the same in high-resolution video and HD quality sound while playing with their friends. GetMega has horizontal as well as vertical gameplay experiences based on the game. All these features make the app a truly heavenly experience for gamers.

If you are in doubt about which app is best suited for a greater reach and has a higher rating, we hope this article helps you clear those out and make the best possible choice.

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