Magdalena Eriksson: Bio, Age, Pernille Harder Girlfriend

Magdalena Eriksson is one of the most beautiful, famous and fantastic footballers ever. The Swedish international was born on 8 September 1993 in Stockholm, Sweden. Magdalena is a white girl who does represent pure Swedish roots. She is also a huge devotee of the Christian religion. Hence, she does go to the Church on a regular basis. Magdalena Eriksson is the girlfriend of famous female football player Pernille Harder.  

Physical Stats of Magdalena Eriksson

Magdalena Eriksson is one beautiful lady, who stands 5 feet and 6 inches tall. She acknowledges the value of fitness. Therefore, she weighs around 66 kg. It is indeed a perfect weight for her height and body structure. Magdalena’s body measurements are 34-26-34 inches. White skin, dark brown eyes and blonde hair make her looks just stunning. Magdalena’s feet size is 8 (US). Being a natural beauty, she does not believe in making tattoos or doing cosmetic surgeries.     

Magdalena Eriksson: Childhood, Parents, Siblings, Education 

Magdalena Eriksson was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. Despite being so famous, she likes to keep her childhood journey clandestine. Therefore, Magdalena has not shared any information about her father, mother and siblings. She did most of her schooling in Stockholm. Magdalena did take her studies seriously. However, her focus was always to become a football player. Magdalena’s father is a huge football fan. So, when he gets to know the very fact, it made him too proud.      

Magdalena Eriksson: Love Life, Lesbian

Magdalena Eriksson is a bisexual lady. Many might say that she is a lesbian. However, Magdalena dated boys during her school days. In early 2014, Magdalena Eriksson fell in love with Pernille Harder. In May 2014, Magdalena and Pernille made their relationship official. Both were playing at Linkopings FC at that time. 

Magdalena Eriksson
Magdalena Eriksson kissing her girlfriend Pernille Harder

Magdalena and Pernille feel blessed with each other. In a way, it helps them to make their bond even better. Both do fight hard to give lesbian couples a platform to live peacefully around the world. Football does have the power to make a huge impact. Therefore, both feel great to send their message with huge power. For every lesbian couple, Magdalena and Pernille can be seen as great inspiration. 

Magdalena Eriksson: Professional Career 

Magdalena Eriksson started playing football at a very young age. The Swedish centre-back spent her youth career at Enskede IK and Hammarby IF DFF. At the age of 17, she made it into Hammarby’s first team. It was just a dream come true for Magdalena’s families. In 2011, she made her professional club debut. She played 19 times for Hammarby IF DFF. 

The club faced relegation. Hence, she joined Djurgardens IF in 2012. She played 19 games for Djurgardens. In the same season, she scored her first club career goal in the domestic league. A year later, Magdalena made a move to Linkopings FC (2013). Linkopings became the first destination of Magdalena’s love life with Pernille Harder. 

In 2016, Pernille left the club and joined Wolfsburg. A year later, Magdalena joined Chelsea in England. They did live in different nations for three years before Pernille also made a move to Chelsea in the summer of 2020. It indeed helped Magdalena to perform even better. They won the 2020-21 FA WSL season and reached the Champions League final.   

Magdalena made her senior debut for Sweden in 2014. She did represent her nation at the U15, U16, U17, U19 and U23 levels. In 2016, Magdalena led Sweden to the silver medal at the Olympics Games. She has represented her beloved nation at the World Cup and European Championship. They even reached the semi-finals at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.         

Magdalena Eriksson: Style of Play 

Magdalena Eriksson is known for her tenacity as a central defender or centre-back. She is very hard to surpass and her speed makes a different combination. Magdalena does lack the last touch of magic sometimes. Otherwise, she is a very stable player who does indeed help in scoring goals too. Magdalena is also a leader. In 2019, she became the captain of Chelsea. It indeed shows her leadership skills. Many football pundits do see Magdalena as a top manager in future. She is famous for giving her all on the football pitch. 

Social Media 

Magdalena Eriksson has over 132k followers on Instagram. She is very much famous on Twitter, with over 33k followers. She does also enjoy making videos on Instagram. Magdalena regularly shares her love life and professional career updates with her fans across the globe. 

Net Worth     

Magdalena’s net worth is estimated at around USD 3 million. She is indeed a very rich football, holding sponsorship from Puma and other top brands. 

Girlfriend – Pernille Harder

Pernille Harder is a star Danish female football player. The former Wolfsburg striker is famous for scoring too many goals as a striker. It does not take her a long time to know the atmosphere of any league. She plays for Chelsea along with her girlfriend Magdalena. 

For Denmark, Pernille made her debut in 2009. She has scored over 64 times for the nation and has played over 120 games. It gives her legendry statues. Many do call Pernille one of the greatest ever strikers in the history of football. Fans do compare her style with football legend Ruud van Nistelrooy. Both Ruud and Pernille know how to score goals. She made her club debut in 2007 for Team Viborg. Before joining Chelsea in 2020, she played for Team Viborg, Skovbakken, Linkoping and Wolfsburg. 

Stats, Hobbies and Trivia

  • Magdalena Eriksson does like to drink coffee a lot. 
  • Shopping, travelling and reading books are Magdalena Eriksson’s hobbies. 
  • Magdalena won a silver medal at the 2016 Olympics for Sweden. 
  • Magdalena joined Chelsea in 2017. 
  • Her team Chelsea lost the Champions League final to Barcelona in 2021 by 4-0.  
  • Magdalena does like Mexican and Italian food. 
  • She made her professional club debut aged 17. 
  • Puma does sponsor Magdalena.
  • Magdalena reached the semi-finals with Sweden at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. 
  • London is her beloved destination to live day-to-day life.  
  • Magdalena does represent lesbian culture with pride and passion (power couple).   
  • Pernille Harder is the girlfriend of Magdalena. 

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