Terri Harper: Top 5 Fighters to Face Right Now

Terri Harper is indeed a huge name in the world of boxing. She is a quality fight who has a powerful promoter, Eddie Hearn, behind her. Hence, the journey of her becomes even better. Terri is the WBC super-featherweight world champion. She does have the best belt out of the other three. However, it does not make it clear that she is the best boxer.

The latest hand injury did impact her fight against WBA champion Hyun Mi Choi. Otherwise, the unification fight would have happened. Nevertheless, she has the best promoter behind her. It means that chances will come on a regular basis. Hence, let us take a look at the top five fighters Terri Harper can face right now. 

5 Terri Harper: Hyun Mi Choi

Hyun Mi Choi is a decent fighter – and she can indeed box very well. Hence, it is important for Terri to face her first. She is unbeaten in professional ranks and has something decent for Terri to earn. 

Terri Harper: Sarah Mahfoud

Sarah Mahfoud fights in the featherweight division. The difference between featherweight and super-featherweight is less than two kg. Hence, this fight can happen. Sarah is a quality fighter and will be a decent test for Harper. 

3 Maiva Hamadouche

Maiva Hamadouche has lost just once in her professional ranks. However, she has natural knockout power. It makes her even better. Hamadouche holds the IBF super-featherweight title. It makes a quality unification fight. 

2 Amanda Serrano

Amanda Serrano can be too good for Terri. However, after two to three good fight, this fight can happen. Beating Serrano will be great for Terri and the class at the highest level. 

1 Mikaela Mayer

Mikaela Mayer is also an unbeaten boxer as a pro. She is the WBO titleholder in the super-featherweight division. The way she fights can indeed be the hardest task for Terri.    

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