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Add dimension to your decor with these subtle yet sublime ideas

It’s not just about filling your space with lighting designs or decorative elements, it’s also about making each of those things complement each other. And that’s where adding dimension to your space becomes a priority. Each and every tiny detail in your decor influences what your space looks and feels like, and that is why it is important to take care of these things from the start. While aesthetics have to be a priority while designing your space, you need to make sure that you don’t saturate your space or overdo the entire beautification.

Adding dimension to your space means you ensure that each of the lighting designs and the decor elements feel right and sit together well. It’s all about making yourself feel comfortable in a particular space. When we say “add dimension to a space”, there isn’t a specific way to do it. There are countless permutations and combinations that could help you space get that added dimension. So, what’s the best way to add dimension to your space? Create shapes and angles or group together different elements to make it appear distinct compared to the space they reside in.

Adding dimension to your decor sounds like a big tedious task but it really isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Throw in a mindful mix of lighting designs, furniture and home decor and bring the best out of your living space seamlessly. Now take a look at everything that you can do…

Leaning & layering in your decor 

Leaning and layering elements in your decor sounds like a very easy thing to do but it does take some time to plan it right. Leaning decorative elements in your decor is the new hip in the design space and everybody literally goes gaga over it. Leaning wall decor like artwork, paintings and photographs adds flexibility to your space as you can rejig these elements whenever you like. This also enables you to showcase various elements where it wouldn’t be easy otherwise. Layering your artwork or home decor adds a neat touch to your space. One easy tip to do it…place the pieces in descending order with the largest one behind.

Add a splash of colours to your space

Creating a contrast or adding catchy colours to your living space definitely adds a pop to your decor. Since, we’ve already covered the decor part for you, let’s move on to lighting. One of the trends in the lighting space is ceramic lighting designs. Not only does ceramic has a distinct texture, you’ll mostly find a pastel finish which looks absolutely stunning. You can very easily find a ceramic table lamp as it is one of the most common ceramic lighting designs found.

Statement lighting is an important element

Statement lighting is an important as it sets the tone of your place and it helps creating uniformity in the lighting. There are absolutely no restrictions when it comes to choosing the right statement light. The only thing you need to pay attention is to the fact that the statement piece connects to your other decorative elements in one way or the other.

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