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Beyonce – One of the most famous singers on earth has a very funny meme template which was captured from her performance in the Superbowl back in 2013. Some photos of her were taken from her entire performance and they turned out be really hilarious. Whats even more ironical about this meme, is that Beynoce’s publicist actually called the Buzfeed office to remove some of her photos of her performance from their page because it looked too “unflattering.” But instead of removing the photos as  requested, Buzzfeed highlighted them. This in turn caused the photos to get even more unwanted attention. Hence, the memes flowed in.


This meme template was funnier than the memes itself. The posture and expression of Beyonce while singing the song bought this meme to life. One of the reasons it spreaded so much in just a short span of time because this meme didn’t require any kind of text written along it to be funny. People could just edit some objects in her hands, replace it with the mic she and ta-da. One good example of this is replacing body weights with the mic in her hand, funny as hell! After the request of Beyonce’s team to remove this, this got more famous and got published in The Telegraph, The Huffington post, The Week UK etc. People were literally having photoshop battles on social media to see who can edit the best out of this meme. People liked Beyonce a lot and they still do but after this people admired her more actually because besides music, she was now a part of the meme culture.


  • Beyonce is edited green and the title given below is – “She Hulk.”
  • Beyonce is edited to red with two extra arms making her Ben 10’s four arms alien
  • Meme is given a hammer in her hand with some thunder in the background, We get THOR!
  • Both hands of Beyonce are in the air and they are edited into claws, and that’s how you get a lobster.
  • The same image of Beyonce is taken but with the text “ This isn’t even my final form”, meaning she could get worse!
  • Beyonce was placed below a big sumo wrestler with her hand being just below and touching the stomach. It surely looked like she was lifting the wrestler’s stomach!
  • They placed an electric guitar between both the hands and boom you now get a singer and a guitarist!
Beyonce Meme


Memes have become an integral part of our social media culture now. Every social media : Twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube, reddit etc has memes. All of these platforms have memes for one good reason : They make us happy. We might be depressed or sad due to various problems in our life. In the era of 2022, everyone has problems. Starting from teenagers to adults, we all fight our own circumstances and forget to smile everyday because we are stressed. But thanks to the meme culture we get to see funny jokes, share them with our loved ones. This sharing in fact creates a cycle of sending and receiving which human beings tend to like and enjoy. People might not realize but memes play a significant role in our day to day life to make us feel more happier and relaxed.

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