Badminton is a sport which is popular throughout the world. The history of Badminton is not yet so clear, but it evolved in Britain in the 19th century. The name of the sport is probably because it originates in Badminton House in England. This sport spread throughout the world after it was popularised in England. Badminton is considered an outdoor game, but it is always advisable to play it indoors to control the flow of air which affects the shuttlecock or birdie. Badminton requires a variety of equipment such as rackets, shuttlecocks, nets or poles, shoes, sports outfits, and so on. This article provides a general overview of the basics of badminton.

How is badminton played ?

Badminton is played with basic equipment like a racket and shuttlecock. The badminton court is separated by the net, which divides the badminton court into two equal parts. In this, the player has to score points by dropping the shuttlecock in the competitor’s portion, and then he will be assigned a point. Choosing the right badminton racket is important for this game. To know more visit badmintonschalager.

Badminton requires specific equipment.

Shuttlecock makes this game different from other racket games like loan tennis, table tennis, etc. Initially, the shuttlecock was made of feathers, which got broken easily in the middle of the game. So now shuttlecocks are of different types. It is recommended to play badminton with the shuttlecock, which is made of plastic and is highly durable.

  • Racket: The racket is the most important piece of equipment in badminton because it is used to hit the shuttlecock and lead to victory. A racket is divided into five parts, i.e., head, throat, stringed area, shaft, and handle. While choosing a racket, a player has to keep in mind that the width and length of the racket do not exceed 230 mm and 680 mm, respectively.
  • Shoes : Shoes are also considered an important thing in badminton. Badminton requires a lot of movement, and inappropriate shoes may cause discomfort and injuries to the player. So, players should choose shoes that are especially designed for playing badminton. Badminton should not be played with indoor shoes.
  • Nets or poles: nets or poles are also necessary to improve the quality of the game. The net or poles limit the player’s ability to move the shuttle beyond the net in the opponent’s portion. Beginners should also practise the sport with the net or poles because it leads to improvement in the game.
  • Sports Wear: This is also a necessary thing in playing badminton. However, it does not protect the player from any discomfort and injury but it will provide ease to the player while playing badminton. It is always advisable to wear sports wear whole playing any sport.


Badminton is a sport which is played with racket and shuttlecock in a ground which is rectangular in shape and divided in two equal sports. There are various championships of badminton like BWF Tour, Commonwealth games etc. It is a widely recognised sport in the world.

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