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Carmela Zumbado is a well-known American actress. But the world knows her as Delilah Alves. It is the role she played on the Netflix thriller series “You” (2019). The series became the stepping stone for her career to be where it is. Since then, she is kept on working hard. Although she started her acting career back in 2012, it took her around seven years to reach where she is at the moment.

It does tell a lot about Carmela and the hard work she has put in right from working as America’s Most Wanted, which was her debut. However, the role of Delilah Alves in the You series made Carmela what she is and in a way changed her life. Now she has a number of projects.

She calls herself a “strong lady who wants to work hard always”. This shows a lot about her and defines her to the best level.

Carmela Zumbado Biography  

Carmela was Born on February 27, 1991, birthplace is Miami, Florida, United States. As of 2023, Carmela Zumbado age is 32 years old. Carmela is known as an actress who is known for playing the role of Delilah Alves in the series named You (2019) which was streamed on Netflix.

February 27 not just makes Pisces her zodiac sign, but it does make her share her birthday with the likes of Kate Mara, Meyers Leonard, and many other famous celebrities. Pisces shows that it is the Aquamarine gemstone that does support Carmela the most. But till now, there is no sign of her wearing these gemstones. She belongs to Cuban and Colombian descent and does follow the Christian religion.

Speaking to our team Carmela described herself…

“I would call myself as a person who is in love with acting and does keep on wanting to work for showing my passion for work,” she said.  

Carmela Zumbado Physical Stats

Carmela Zumbado height is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. she is a fitness freak who has kept her weight to a very optimum level of 56 kg. Carmela does white/brown facial looks. She comes up with body measurements of 34-28-40 inches. Carmela has sharp dark brown eyes and hair.

Carmela Zumbado
Fit and beautiful Carmela Zumbado

Carmela’s physical looks do get backing from her fitness, where she does spend an hour every day doing yoga and other fitness activities. She has done cosmetic surgeries but not much like the Kardashian family members do. There is no record of Carmela carrying a tattoo on her body.

Carmela does have a 7 (US) feet size and her dress size is 4 (US).

“I do urge people to work hard doing yoga and all. This does help us all to stay fit and work hard in a better manner. It is what I do so others can get the best examples to follow,” she said about her fitness.

Carmela Zumbado Family

Lilliam Zumbado is the mother of Carmela. Tony Zumbadom, a famous photojournalist, is the father of Carmela. Hence, it is the best reason she did get the base to enter the acting world.

She grew up with two sisters named Marisela Zumbado and Gigi Zumbado. Hence, she does not have any brothers but does have cousins (brothers). Both of her sisters are also actresses and do have IMDb profiles. All of the sisters are known for working in the television industry in Hollywood.

Seeing their father working in the media industry, they did make it in their minds a long time back that one day they would also work as actresses.

“I do have only love and affection to show to my sisters and parents. They are the solid brick of my life that I can count every single time I am in any situation in my life,” she said.                           

Carmela Zumbado Sister’s Marisela Zumbado & Gigi Zumbad

Marisela Zumbado is the sister of Carmela Zumbado. She is also an actress like her. Carmela graced his world on 11 December 1992 in Miami, Florida, USA. She is mostly known for playing roles in Generation (2021), Deputy (2020), and Sterling (2019). Just like her sister, she does play most of the character roles in movies and series. Her height is around 5 feet and 6 inches. It was Carmela who helped Marisela to come to the world of Hollywood and start working. She is also known for her acting roles in movies/series. However, she is not as famous as her sister Carmela yet.  

Carmela Zumbado
Carmela Zumbado Sister’s

Gigi Zumbado is the sister of Carmela. Just like Marisela. She is also an actress who works in the United States. Currently, she does live in Los Angeles, CA, US. Tammy Ocampo in Epix’s is the project she has worked on that did give her fame to start with. Out of all three sisters, she is the least famous but is the favorite of her parents.

Gigi comes up with a collection of 30 luxury bags. She is obsessed with the way modern people do live in the United States and she does like to live a similar lifestyle.

Carmela Zumbado Professional Career

Carmela Zumbado is an American actress and model. She did make her television debut in America’s Most Wanted where she did play the role of Karen/Teresa Martinez. It was a recurring role in 2 episodes. Her film debut came in 2013 for Identity Thief where she did play the role as cameo as Salon Salesperson. But her biggest move came a year later in 2014 when she did work for Need For Speed. It was a supporting role of Jeny B. She then worked in Our Brand Is Crisis, The Wall of Mexico, and Run Sweetheart Run.

However, her most significant work can come on television and web series. Her most extensive show to date was You, which did stream by Netflix where she did play the role of Delilah Alves. Now many people do know her as Delilah. It does show the impact of the show that has not just made her famous but has given her a name too.

In the same year, the snow named The Wall of Mexico did also receive good reviews and took her value as an actress to a better level.

The Magicians (2020) also gave her fame which is all one needs. It does show how well she has worked in.

Carmela Zumbado’s Relationship

Carmela is not married yet. But she was in a relationship with James Scully, who is a famous American actor. In 2020, Scully was in a relationship with Mel Weyn. Grace Victoria Cox is another one who had been in a relationship with Scully. However, these two relationships have not worked for him as much as  Carmela.

However, even with Carmela, his relationship did not last for a long time. This is why they had to part ways. It does show a lot about Carmela, who had two boyfriends before she came into a relationship with James Scully.

Carmela Zumbado

Carmela Social Media

Carmela Zumbado does have more than 389K followers on Instagram. She does follow around about a thousand people. One can see beautiful things about her love for fashion and how she relates to her sister very much. She does keep on posting images with her sisters on a regular basis. It is the Netflix platform that did make her famous in 2020.

She does post posts about her love for Jesus and talks about social matters also. However, her TikTok account is all about love and fun. This does tell a lot about Carmela and how well she does use social media for promoting herself.  

Carmela Zumbado Net Worth

Carmela Zumbado net worth is USD 1.1 million as of 2023. Most of her money has come from her work as an actress in the film and television world of Hollywood. She holds a mega 90 luxury bags collection. She does have a Mercedes GLS also.

Carmela does have a mega footwear collection of 70. Talking about her charity love, Carmela does help two NGOs back in Cuba. It does help children there to get one-time meals and basic schooling facilities. Carmela does want to help more and more people in the years to come as she feels it is her duty of her to help the children of Jesus.    


Q What happened to Delilah Alves?

Delilah Alves was found dead when Joe returned to the cage. Then Joe did look out the who killed her.

Q What is Delilah Alves’s real name?

Delilah Alves is played by Cuban-American actress Carmela Zumbado.

Q Who is Carmela Zumbado?

Carmela Zumbado is a famous actress who is famously known for playing the role of Delilah Alves for the Netflix series You.

Q What is net worth of Carmela Zumbado?

The net worth of Carmela Zumbado is estimated at around USD 1.1 million.

Q How old is Carmela Zumba?

Carmela Zumbado is 32 years old. She was born on 27 February 1991 in Miami, Florida, United States.

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