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Five Tips for Planning the Perfect Countryside Wedding

Following the flurry of Valentine’s Day proposals, newly engaged brides-to-be are keen to start planning for their big day, and with this year’s wedding season just around the corner, many will be looking for ways to add a touch of individuality to their big day. If you’re planning a country wedding, here are five tips to ensure your wedding stands out from the crowd.

Add the Personal Touch

One way to guarantee your wedding is unique is to handmake items. Best of all, you can bring the personal touch to your special day even if you’re not especially creative. Websites such as Pinterest and Instagram are great for inspiration and YouTube videos can demonstrate crafts you’re unfamiliar with. Whether you’re decorating a seating plan with stickers, folding origami flowers for your bouquet or sewing a dress from scratch, your efforts will be worth it when your wedding day is remembered for all the right reasons.

Make the Most of the Great Outdoors

Whether your ceremony is taking place inside or out, if you’ve chosen a countryside wedding, you’ll want to make the most of being outside whatever the weather. The events organiser at your venue will be able to help you by suggesting options to keep you and your guests dry if it does start to rain – this might include temporary structures such as marquees or gazebos. Try and see these as an opportunity for showcasing your personality or wedding theme – they needn’t be boring. Why not dress them with flowers and balloons, hang photographs of your time as a couple from the structure or thread bunting or battery-operated lights around the poles? And remember, if the heavens do open, it’s not all bad – some even say it’s good luck for it to rain on your wedding day.

Look Smart and Savvy

A wedding day isn’t just about the bride – so be sure your groom looks dapper too! Rental suits are a popular option, but they do mean there’s a standardised look that can seem formulaic. Choosing timeless accessories from a company such as Burrows & Hare is an easy way to put your own spin on an outfit, and with a range of ties, belts and pocket squares available, there’s an option for all tastes.

Use Animal Magic

The relaxed vibe of a country wedding is perfect for animal lovers and whether you choose to give your pet a starring role in your special day or go for the more traditional option of arriving by horse and carriage, no one will forget your wedding if animals are involved! Some venues have animals on site such as alpacas, horses or even highland cattle, so why not integrate them into your wedding photos for a variation from the standard shots?

Do It Your Way

Most of all, remember this is your wedding day and it is up to you and your partner how you choose to spend it. You want to look back on it fondly and without regrets, so don’t be swayed by other people’s opinions.

Planning your wedding is exciting – enjoy every moment!

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