Injuries that need a full mouth reconstruction

Your mouth and its health is really a rather important aspect of good health and a healthy body. Your oral health contributes to your overall health, and when it struggles, so does the rest of your health. Many people will fix issues with their mouth by going to the dentist and having minor procedures done. However, sometimes a more serious procedure is required. A full mouth reconstruction is a serious procedure that is able to correct large mouth issues. There are many reasons why someone would need a full mouth reconstruction, such as.

Car Accident Patients

One type of injury that would sometimes require a full reconstruction is injuries due to a car accident. This may include broken teeth, a broken jaw, and more. When you get into a serious car accident, you may be required to have a full reconstruction to fix your mouth and how you use it.

The good news is that this procedure is successful more often than not, meaning that it’s likely you’ll not only regain normal function of your mouth afterward but that you’ll also look normal again. The way your jaw is set and other aspects of your mouth can make your face look totally different. When you’ve been in a severe accident, these things may change and will need correcting, usually with full reconstruction.

Sports Accidents

Sports are often good for your mental health and your physical health. However, sometimes things go wrong, and accidents occur. When a sports accident occurs, it can sometimes affect your mouth. This could be a broken jaw, missing teeth, gum damage, and much more.

When this type of accident occurs, a full mouth reconstruction may be needed to return your mouth to a state of normalcy. When your mouth is injured enough to need a full reconstruction, you would most likely have issues with basic tasks like eating or speaking before having the procedure. Because of this, these procedures are usually completed as soon as possible, sometimes as emergency surgery. The sooner the procedure is completed, the better the results will likely be.

Congenital Diseases

Another type of cause and injury that would sometimes require a full reconstruction is when congenital diseases cause irreparable dental issues. These issues may be gum disease and damage, missing teeth, severe infection, bone decay, and more. When a disease affects your dental health and structure, it’s likely recommended that you undergo complete reconstruction.

Three of the most common congenital diseases that usually require a full reconstruction to occur are ectodermal dysplasia, enamel hypoplasia, and amelogenesis imperfecta. These diseases will affect how the teeth and mouth set and grow and may cause issues with the quality of life unless corrected.


If you suffer from a myriad of dental issues, you may be a candidate for a complete reconstruction of the mouth. For instance, if you suffer from poor dental hygiene, advanced tooth decay, have multiple missing teeth, and chronic mouth infections, then you may find a full dental reconstruction is recommended. This is especially true for those who have lost bone, usually jaw bone, due to these issues.

When a patient has a lot of different mouth complications, this procedure is usually recommended to correct the issues. When this happens, your dentist will usually begin with helping your jaw and your gum line to allow for a good base for any implants to be placed. This procedure will usually happen over multiple visits if possible and will require a lot of different procedures before it’s fully completed. However, those with multiple complications find that the procedure is preferred over continuous suffering from their complications.

Having a complete mouth reconstruction isn’t always necessary. There are many different injuries and circumstances where a full reconstruction is the best form of treatment. From car accidents to sports accidents, congenital diseases, and more, there are plenty of valid reasons why a full reconstruction will be required. A full reconstruction may be a lengthy process and may even be a bit painful, but it’s a great option when it comes to preserving your health and relieving mouth issues. Complete dental reconstruction is a great way to fix multiple issues and should always be considered where necessary.

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