Louis Vuitton aesthetic: A true definition of luxury

Louis Vuitton aesthetic: Intro

In the fashion world, various brands are striving to achieve excellence and offer quality products in the market. There is vast competition between fast fashion brands, luxury houses, small boutiques, and or e-commerce retail stores. However, luxury brands always had an upper hand in the industry as people have trust in the brand and its product. They won`t mind spending extra money on these brands because they know that they will get a premium service or commodity. One such brand which can also be called the king of luxury houses is Louis Vuitton aesthetic.

About the brand: Louis Vuitton aesthetic

Louis Vuitton aesthetic, popularly known as LV is a French brand ruling in the fashion world for the past 2 centuries. Indeed! This brand has a rich heritage and history behind its existence. This fashion brand was founded by Louis Vuitton, a French fashion designer, and a businessman in 1854. Initially, this luxury house started as trunk makers, they used to make the premium quality stackable, lightweight and airtight trunks.  Slowly and steadily they expanded their business from just selling trunks to becoming a high-end Parisienne brand which a variety of products. The brand is known for its immaculate leather goods and other products, and especially it sells due to its brand image. There are many collaborations done by the brand with models, actors, and even designers to create different collections. They made their products a dream commodity to be owned, made people entrust and swoon over the brand. Louis Vuitton has been recognized as the world`s most valuable luxury brand selling high-end garments, accessories, footwear, jewelry, etc.

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LV aesthetics:

Each brand has its own identity or USP or some element that differentiate it from others. Similarly, Louis Vuitton`s logo and elements have a major role to play in its success. Its logo might look simple and easily connectable but it has a deep meaning behind it. The logo was firstly created by George Vuitton as an appreciation to his father, the founder of the brand and since it is named after him its logo makes sense. As observed, there haven`t been many drastic changes in the logo except for some editing and omission. The text-based logo was primarily used for buckles and fabric patterns, later the wordmark was removed leaving only the monogram.

Louis Vuitton aesthetic
Louis Vuitton aesthetic

The LV logo is interlocked and written in a serif font with bold and visible lines. If you follow fashion you would know that a motif is also a part of the logo for the brand. Well, that logo was inspired by Japanese Mon designs for it to look distinctive, it looks like a geometrical 4 petal flower. They mainly use neutral shades like gold and brown the classic color used for LV bags for decades. LV chose this motif to distinguish its original product from the counterfeits but unfortunately due to the simplicity of the logo, it is easily being copied. However, the brand’s classic material, its expertise to blend modernity with tradition, and its sophistication bring it to the top.

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