Top 4 benefits of cosmelan peel treatment

Though there isn’t one explanation for why some people are more prone to pigmentation, several things could be at play. For instance, specific individuals may have a higher risk of developing pigmentation due to their skin type, genetics, level of sun exposure, hormones, etc. Many depigmentation treatments are available, but the cosmelan peel treatment is now famous.

What is it?

Cosmelan peel is a skin-lightening procedure. It is a simple and safe procedure that uses a gentle chemical peel to remove the top layer of the skin. Glycolic acid and occasionally lactic acid are used as the peeling solution to disintegrate the melanin and promote whitening. Although it can be utilized on other parts of the body, the treatment is most frequently used to address pigmentation on the face. It has many advantages, and you can know them by reading below.

Treats all types of birthmarks 

Pigmented birthmarks

A group of pigmented birthmarks are darker areas that appear at birth but disappear throughout time. These scars are frequently seen on a newborn’s skin and usually go away by the time the child reaches the age of five but rarely stay forever. All infants may experience them at some point, although they are frequently present in premature infants. Most often happen in the first few days following delivery and is brought on by many fetal cells that continue to exist after birth.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation 

A frequent skin disorder called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) can develop due to an autoimmune disease or after a skin injury. The face, chest, back, and hands are the areas of the body most noticeable because of the skin’s red, brown, or black discolouration. Although the exact etiology of PIH is uncertain, an inflammatory response in the skin is assumed to be the source of the condition. 

Pigmented birthmarks and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation are the most common pigmentation disorders. However, other kinds of pigmentation, like macular stains, hemangioma, Port wine stains, etc., can be cured by this peel treatment safely.

Suitable for all skin types belonging to different ethnicity

The Cosmelan Peel treatment is appropriate for all skin types and ethnicities since it contains natural components that work to address the root causes of skin aging. This treatment rejuvenates the skin and improves the appearance of the skin in five steps to improve fine lines and wrinkles, refresh the skin, brighten the complexion, and minimise the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Scars, stretch marks, acne, rosacea, fine lines, and wrinkles can also be treated with it.

Instant effect 

Cosmelan works quickly to give you a more youthful appearance by effectively reviving your complexion. Additionally, it is a non-invasive method of treating skin discolouration. Dermatologists have been successfully treating deep, dark hyperpigmented regions, including age spots, enlarged pores, sun spots, freckles, and melasma, using it for more than 30 years. Only four treatments are necessary to notice a significant difference.


This peel treatment is painless. A doctor administers the treatment at a clinic, which is a fantastic option for patients. The peel will be applied once the doctor has cleaned the skin. The peel is extremely mild on the skin because it is produced from various fruits and other natural substances. It aids in boosting collagen formation in the skin. The skin seems more supple and younger as a result. However, the skin would be sensitive for about two weeks. Do not forget to moisturize your skin and help in the healing process. 

Thus, the cosmelan peel treatment improves the appearance of the skin by evening out skin tone and even out skin texture, helping you achieve a more youthful and balanced look. Make sure you choose a well-reputed clinic to get quality service. 

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