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Betting Podcasts: A Great Way To Get Ahead Of The Games

Podcasts have taken the world by storm in recent years, with millions of people listening to podcasts every day. Podcasts are a great way for people to stay updated on their favorite topics or to learn new things.

What is NFL Betting?

NFL betting is a popular way to get ahead of the games. It allows bettors to make predictions on which teams will win and lose, as well as how many points they will score. There are a number of reputable best NFL betting podcasts available, which can provide helpful tips and advice.

How to Understand NFL Football

If you love NFL football, then you need to check out some of the best betting podcasts out there. These podcasts can teach you a lot about how to bet on the NFL and make sure that you are always ahead of the game. Here are four of the best betting podcasts that you should check out: 

1. The Sports Gambling Podcast: This podcast is hosted by two guys who have been playing and gambling on sports for years. They provide expert advice on all things related to gambling and NFL football. You will learn a lot from these guys, and they will help you become a better bettor. 

2. The Football Guys: This is another great NFL betting podcast that is hosted by two guys who are experts in the game. They will teach you about everything related to betting on NFL football, from tips on how to handicap games to how to make money off of key injuries. If you want to be a successful NFL bettor, then this is the podcast for you! 

3. Betting Lines USA: This podcast is all about betting on NFL football, and it is one of the most popular betting podcasts out there. They provide expert analysis of every game so that you can make a profit. They also keep track of all key injuries, so you will know when to bet on. 

4. Golf Weekly: This is an awesome golf podcast that will help you make money betting on NFL games. The hosts break down stats and statistics from every game and give betting advice that can help you turn a profit. If you want to win with your picks, then this is the podcast for you! 

Listen and Follow the Experts

If you’re looking for a way to get ahead of the games, then you should definitely consider subscribing to a betting podcast. These podcasts are packed with insider information and tips from professional gamblers, so you can make the most informed decisions when betting on sports.

There are dozens of betting podcasts out there, but we’ve selected five that are highly respected and worth your time.

The Rundown: The Five Best Betting Podcasts

1. The Sports Gambling Podcast: This podcast is hosted by two experienced bettors, Harry Vardon and Calvin Ayre, and it’s packed with insider information and tips on all things gambling.

2. The Poker Masters: This podcast is hosted by three of the world’s top poker players – Phil Ivey, Antonio Esfandiari, and Daniel Negreanu – and it’s filled with expert advice on all things’ poker.

3. Betting Edge: This podcast is hosted by two veteran bettors – JohnESSL and Darryl Greenblatt – and it covers a wide range of betting strategies, from horse racing to baseball.

4. Odds & Ends: This podcast is hosted by betting expert Darryll Williams, and it focuses on the finer points of sports betting.

Myths of NFL Sports Betting

There are a lot of myths surrounding NFL betting that many bettors believe. In this blog, we will dispel some of the most common NFL betting myths and show you how to get ahead of the games.

Basic Rules of NFL Football

A lot of people are interested in gambling on NFL games, but not all of them know the basics about how to bet. Podcasts are a great way to learn about the game and make some money along the way. Here are four betting podcasts you should check out if you’re interested in NFL football: 

1) The SkinnyTv Show is hosted by two guys who have been betting on sports for over 15 years. They break down all the major matchups and offer their expert opinion on which teams will win. This podcast is perfect for beginners who want to learn the ins and outs of gambling on NFL games. 

2) Betting Advice from Bill Simmons is another great podcast for beginners. Simmons is a well-known NBA analyst and he discusses betting strategies for NFL games throughout the season. This podcast is also a good source of information for seasoned bettors as well. 

3) Sports Gambling Podcast is one of the oldest gambling podcasts out there, and it’s definitely worth checking out. The hosts discuss all different types of sports betting, including NFL games. They offer sound advice and tons of tips for winning money at the casino or online. 

4) Sports Betting Podcast is another great podcast for beginners. The hosts discuss all different types of sports betting, including NFL games. They offer sound advice and tons of tips for winning money at the casino or online.

Pros & Cons of NFL Football Gambling

There are a lot of benefits to subscribing to betting podcasts. Here are just a few: 

First, betting podcasts can give you an edge when it comes to handicapping games. By learning more about the game and the players, you can make better decisions when placing bets. 

Second, betting podcasts can help you learn about different betting strategies. By listening to different shows, you can find the best way to bet on certain games. This knowledge can put you ahead of the competition. 

Finally, betting podcasts can help improve your overall understanding of sports. By listening to various shows, you can learn about historical events and current trends in sports. This information can help you make informed decisions when betting on games.

What Makes a Good Sports Podcast?

In order to make a great sports podcast, you need a mix of interesting content, knowledgeable hosts, and lively discussion. Here are four tips for creating a podcast that will be popular with sports fans:

1. Find a niche. Not all sports are the same, so it’s important to find a specific topic or subject that interests you and your listeners. This can be anything from discussing the biggest upset stories of the week in one podcast, to breaking down every pitch in a recent baseball game.

2. Stick to quality over quantity. It’s important to create a well-rounded podcast with plenty of interesting content. This means spending time researching your topics and interviewing knowledgeable guests. But don’t overdo it – too many episodes can be dull and boring.

3. Be interactive: Podcasts are all about conversation – make sure your hosts encourage lively discussion between episodes. This means engaging with your listeners on social media (especially Twitter), via email, or in comments on individual episodes.

4. Be consistent: Building a following for your podcast is key – but so is being consistent with your content and format. Make sure each episode is high quality and enjoyable to listen to, no matter how many times you re -record it.

5. Use all the social media outlets at your disposal to spread the word about your podcast. Podcasts are inherently a bit of a niche market, and you’re unlikely to get huge numbers of people tuning in to your content each week – but that doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to as many potential listeners as possible. Just make sure you use all the tools available to you – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Alternative Resources and Recommendations

This week on the betting podcast, we are discussing alternative resources and recommendations to help you get ahead of the games. 

We are starting off the show with a discussion about the NFL Draft tracker that is available on This tool is a great way to track player performances and rankings throughout the draft season. 

Next, we are talking about Fantasy Football cheat sheets. There are a number of different options available, so it is important to find one that fits your specific needs. One option that we like is the Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet from 

Finally, we are recommending a few books that can help you improve your betting skills. The first book is called “Betting On Sport” by Frank Pottenger Jr. This book will teach you about different forms of betting and how to make the best decisions when placing bets. The second book is called “Money Masters: How To Make More Money In Life By Learning What Works” by Tony Robbins. This book will teach you how to use financial principles to improve your life in all areas, including your gambling habits.

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