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Arti Sharma, who is better known as Arti Singh, is a well-known Indian actress. Arti is better known as the sister of mega-Indian comedian Krishna Abhishek. But firstly, her uncle is a legendary Indian actor and superstar Govinda. Arti is mostly known for working in Indian television serials such as Thoda Hai Bas Thode Ki Zaroorat Hai and Parichay and Waaris.

Other than being the sister of Krishna, she is known for her appearance in the 13th season of Big Boss, which is the Indian version of Big Brother. It was the season that led the world to know who Arti is. Otherwise, they did know her from her names in serials.

She is known to be a very strong woman with and fearless personality who does stand for her words. When her brother Krishna came inside the Big Boss house in season 13 that did start the journey which made her very much famous from the very core.

Arti Singh Bio

Indian television actress & model Arti has been in a few well-known television series, reality shows, comedy shows, music videos, and other productions. Arti was born on 5 April 1985 in Lucknow, India. As of 2023, Arti Singh age is 37 years old. 5 April shows that her zodiac sign is Aries. Even from her name, Aries is her astrological sign. She is a personality who does believe a lot in zodiac signs and all. Hence, some secret talks there that she does show her birth chart to an astrologer two to three times a year. She does represent brown ethnicity and is a follower of the Hindu religion. Her family is very devotional and does believe in God.

She is known for making an appearance in the 13th season of Big Boss. The show’s mega reach made the name “Arti” famous. Otherwise, she was known for her roles as an actress in Indian TV serials.

Arti Singh
Arti Singh

Arti Singh Early Life

She was raised in an upper-middle-class household and was born on April 5th, 1985 in Lucknow, India. Arti Singh was born to a Punjabi mother Padma and a Himachali father Atmaprakash Sharma. She is the cousin of television actresses Ragini Khanna & Soumya Seth, the niece of actor Govinda, and the sister of actor Krishna Abhishek. She is a member of the Bollywood industry’s Govinda Family.

Arti Singh Physical Stats

Arti Singh height is 5 feet and 5 inches or 165 cm. The Indian actress does keep her weight around 64 kg. She does have dark brown eyes and hair. She likes to color her hair and make look near to red mostly.

Arti has made a tattoo on her right hand, which is called “Child Of God”. However, her body is not filled with tattoos at all. Just following the trend, Arti has also done cosmetic surgery on her face for lighting it. Most of the Indian celebs do facial cosmetics in Bandra, where there is a famous doctor who does this facial enhancement. Her feet size is 7 (US). She does go the gym – but is not too consistent. Arti does also yoga for staying fit. But she comes from a jolly family, hence, weight management does become an issue.

Arti Singh Professional Career

In 2007, Singh made her acting debut in the Zee TV series Maayka, playing the part of Soni. She then appeared as Rano in the Star Plus series Grihasti before appearing as Mugda in Thoda Hain Bas Thode Ki Zarurat Hai. She played the character ‘Seema’ in Ekta Kapoor’s Parichay- Naye Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka in 2011. Later, she played Kajri in the Colors TV drama Uttaran. She played the character Baani in the television program Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev in 2014, and she later took part in the reality competition Box Cricket League. 
She performed as a ghost in ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ in 2016 after making appearances on the comedy programs ‘Comedy Classes’, ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’, and ‘Killer Karaoke Atka Toh Latkah’. Arti then appeared as Amba, the lead character, in the 2016-17 seasons of &TV’s Waaris.

She took part in Bigg Boss 13 in 2019 and finished as the fourth runner-up. She admitted in this episode that for two years, her lack of employment caused her to experience despair. However, she comes from a stable family and her brother is India’s leading comedian. Hence, there is no financial burden. She now does get work due to the surge of OTT shows and all.

Arti Singh
Arti Singh

Arti Singh Education

Arti did get all her basic education from Lucknow. While at school, she did take part in dancing and singing competitions. “I was not a great student academically, not as much as others were, but I did love to take part in extracurricular activities,” Arti said.

Arti Singh’s Parents

Arti feels blessed to be the daughter of Atmaprakash Sharma and Geeta Singh. Her mother passed away when she was just a baby. Hence, she gave Arti’s take care to her friend/cousin (sister). Hence, she did grow up in Lucknow. Hence, for a long span, she did not know that Atmaprakash is her father. She used to think Atmaprakash is his uncle. However, when she became an adult, she did get to know. Hence, in the end, Arti did live with her biological father. Her father passed away due to cancer on 26 August 2016 in Mumbai. It was Geeta Singh who did adopt her. Hence, she is known as Arti, not Arti Sharma.

As Arti did not have time for her father during her younger years, she felt after knowing who her father was how things would go. But when her father was taking his last breath, he called “Arti” name along with her brother Krishna. She said this in an interview given to the “Bollywood Bubble” YouTube channel. That made her feel so connected to her father by the end. However, she feels sad about not living with her father for a long time.

Arti Singh’s Relationship with Krishna Abhishek

Arti Singh, while growing up in Lucknow, used to think that Krishna Abhishek is her cousin. However, when she grew up, both did get to know the truth. It is like a famous Bollywood movie script. Since then, they do seem like siblings who love each other a lot.

Krishna met Arti on Big Boss

When Krishna met Arti when in the Big Boss house, it did make both cry. It is the biggest recorded love affection they have shown. On Aug 20, 2022, Arti and Krishna interviewed the Bollywood Bubble team on YouTube. It was their first interview together. Hence, it did show how much they love. Even both siblings talk about their complex relationship with uncle/mama Govinda.

Both do love each other like most siblings and Krishna seems to be the brother who is ready to give his all for putting a smile on Arti’s face. And he does many things to her Arti.

Arti Singh Relationship Status

Arti Singh has not married yet. She did have two to three boyfriends when she was in her school and college days. But her relationship with Indian actor Ayaz Khan did create a lot of headlines. As reported by Indian media back then, they did part ways after a three-year relationship. They did end the relationship on good terms. Even Ayaz did get married to Amish Khan in 2018.

Since 2019, there is no report of her being in a new relationship. Possibly, she likes to keep it personal this time around. Even after her break, she did wish her husband the birth of his second child on her Instagram story in March 2020. It does show how well they do with each other.

She once said: “I have a close circle of friends and Ayaz is one of them. We always meet with other friends. He is a nice guy and nobody would want to lose him as a friend.” It was reported by Indian media outlets like ETIMS and all.

It feels like now she does want calmness in her life. Hence, she is not as expressive as she was.

Arti Singh’s Relationship with Govinda

Arti Singh’s uncle/mama is Govinda. He is one of the best actors India has ever seen. However, as of now, both Arti and Krishna Abhishek do not share a great relationship with their uncle.

Arti said in an interview given to Bollywood Bubble in Hindi “gehu ke saath ghun pisna”. It means that no so good relationship between Govinda and Krishna has put her in a situation she does not what to do.

As per reports, Govinda does not like the way Krishna uses his name to do comedy on television. Hence, it did create major issues in 2018 and 2019. They have met many times in between but things have not worked. But they do respect uncle Govinda a lot as he sees the mother of Arti and Krishna as her sister/mother figure.

Arti and Krishna together in an interview

Govinda did live with uncle Govinda during his childhood days. Hence, they know what their uncle has done for them. However, now the relationship is bitter. Many times people say that even Govinda does not handle some of the situations very well. It is like both Arti and Krishna want to make things better. However, the ego in between is not leading Krishna and Govinda to sort things and it is making life of Arti hard in some ways.

Arti Singh On Social Media

Arti Singh holds 1.7 million followers on Instagram. On her Insta bio, she has written for business-related queries one can contact her at She does keep on posting things on social media about her work and other memorable moments.

On Twitter, Arti does hold a good number of 53k followers. But she has not posted anything there after May 16, 2020. Her Insta life is ample to know what is happening in her life of Arti. Other than that, she does many interviews that are available on YouTube and other social media networks. So she does many ways to be on social media.  

Arti Singh Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-liked actresses is Arti Singh. Arti Singh net worth is $1.5 million as of 2023. On Mar 27, 2021, she did buy her first car Mahindra Thar. It does show that she likes huge 4X4 cars.

Arti’s first car

She does have a good collection of 15 luxury bags with Balmain as her beloved brand. As her brother Krishna Abhishek has a net worth of 4 million USD as of 2023, it does show that she comes from a very rich family now. Arti and her brother do a lot of charity work in Mumbai. It does show how well they do utilize the money.

Arti Singh


  • Arti is the sister of ‘Krishna Abhishek’ and the niece of renowned Bollywood actor Govinda.
  • Aarti Singh also took part in the television programs Comedy Nights Bachao and Comedy Classes.
  • Aarti made her television debut in 2007 with the series Maayka.
  • Singh took part in the Box Cricket League as well.
  • Aarti estimated to be worth $1.5 million.
  • She took part in ‘Bigg Boss 13’ as well.
  • Arti has more than 1M followers on Instagram, where she is extremely active.
  • A tattoo is also on Arti’s right wrist.
  • Her cousin sisters are Soumya Seth and Ragini Khanna.
  • Singh is a nominee for the Indian Telly Awards’ Best Supporting Actress category.


Q Who is Arti Singh’s ex-husband?

Arti Singh is not married yet. She did break up with Ayaz Khan after dating for a long time.

Q Is Arti Married?

No, Arti is not married but she was in a long-term relationship with Indian actor Ayaz Khan.

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