Holiday Party Dresses: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Aesthetic 

The term holiday surely transports me to beaches and sunsets. Though the holidays hold different perceptions and meanings to everyone. And a holiday party ? it serves like the cherry on the top of a cake. Different holidays/ vacations demand for different attires obviously, because the way one dresses is a very important factor about determining their personality and mood. Plus, in this era of snapchat and Instagram where everything is constantly posted, let’s have a look at different vacation party outfits.

Beach holiday outfit: Holiday Party Dresses

The beach holidays are very popular in the northern countries where the weathers chilly all year around. Thus, everyone loves to get away to nice dusky sunsets on sand with sunlight hitting them directly. For beach activities, monokini or a two piece set known as bikini is very trendy and popular. Ladies put on a pair of these and are ready to rock a beach always. Accessorizing is always a game changer, minimal gold jewelleries with anklets and/ or hat add richness to the outfit and since we are going under the sun, a thick layer of sunscreen is a definite must, with a nude lip shade. Bandanas and shelly hairbands are quite common too. Also know about aesthetic wallpaper.

For evening parties, for cocktails etc frill dresses or dresses with long capes, high slits are very popular. The most popular colour on beaches is white. White short simple dresses with colourful accessories and beach curls are the way to go. Another whole category for beach party attires is co- ord sets rather colourful with tropical prints or floral prints. These outfits also go well with hats and gold jewellery. Vacations are all about relaxing, so at the end of the day any outfit which is comforting and relaxing enough is the outfit for you, thus a pair of comfy shorts and top with a long shrug could totally do the trick too. 

Hill station vacation party attire: Holiday Party Dresses

For people dwelling in tropical regions where the sun shines through out the year, the ideal vacation is between the cosy mountains covered with white snow. The vacation parties here would be in warm rooms or around bonfires with hot chocolate and coffee. The party attires here are heavily layered. The attire for men are very simple as they wear a sweatshirt or a cardigan with trenchcoats and mufflers.

Holiday Party Dresses

Creative Touch 

For women even though its cold, fashion doesn’t take a step back, the attire can consist of many different parts like skirts underline with wool, leggings or stockings with wool lining again, turtlenecks or Mock neck with designer mufflers and high socks and boots. The berets are high fashion statements for the party attires. At the end trenchcoats or leather jackets are added to complete the look. For Makeover since the weather is cold only lipsticks are used, generally rose red or cherry pink lips a popular. 

Accessorising is not widely used in these outfits since there are too many layers and they don’t allow much but basic studs or hoops can be worn with gold or silver chains.

The basic rule for dressing up for a holiday party is to take note of the weather of the place and keep in mind comfort for yourself. 

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