Taurus Birthstone: Emerald, Benefits, Positives

Emerald is the birthstone for Taurus, as per zodiac. However, they can get profits from Diamond, Sapphire, Garnet and Rose quartz. These all birthstones do help Taurus – but Emerald is the best one to get the best out of.

Emerald is associated with May month. Hexagonal crystal system is the crystal system of it. It comes in green color but not in the light one as it is bit dark in nature. It has hardness of 7.5–8 on the Mohs scale. It is a cyclosilicate. Be₃Al₂SiO₆ is the chemical formula of Emerald. It does good in shape of ring and chain.

Taurus Birthstone: Emerald

Emerald; birthstone, does have following benefits to Taurus:

Taurus Birthstone
Emerald: What does make it special for Taurus?
  • It does help to make a person better with its reasoning ability, so he or she can take best decisions.
  • Emerald also makes a person better with arithmetic skills.
  • One can see a significant rise in intellectual capacity.
  • It does represent planet Mercury.
  • Emerald does have strong heeling power.
  • It is called as Panna in India.
  • Emerald does help a person to enhance the good health of a person.
  • It does make a person to make best decisions possible.
  • One can witness a prosperous life.
  • It does lead a person to be creative in developing skills.
  • It does also help a person to have blissful marital life.
  • It does boost the creativity of a person.
  • One can see a rise in the communication power.
  • Physical health can also become better with Emerald.
  • It does help to make a person feel confident.
  • One can see a change in their ability to think twice before speaking, so it can become sweet in nature.
  • A person can become great in terms of spreading the positive aroma.
  • Emerald does help to tackle mental health problems.
  • It does lead a person to increase wealth and then helping those who need it the most.   

Why Taurus Need A Birthstone?

  • Taurus are very straight-forward sometimes; hence, they do make things negative.
  • Sometimes Taurus does not able to understand that which direction is best for them.
  • The nature Bull, which does not see anything coming, does hit their lives many times.
  • They are also stubborn, so it does impact their social life.
  • They do get angry too fast, which does hit their chances of having a balance in life.
  • Taurus can be proved very easily.
  • They can also hold a grudge for a long time.
  • It’s hard to wake up in the morning for them if there are too many comforts in life, without much challenges.

Did You Know?

  • Emerald is the birthstone of Taurus, is the second sign of the zodiac.
  • Emerald does have its peak from April 20 to May 20.
  • Taurus can also get benefits from Diamond, Sapphire, Garnet and Rose quartz.
  • Emerald does significant benefits to Taurus, which is more than any zodiac sign can get.
  • Emerald is dark green mostly.
  • 7.5–8 is its hardness on the Mohs scale.
  • Emerald’s toughness is defined as mostly delicate; hence, one needs to take care of this gemstone very well. It is like taking care of a young child or a newborn baby.

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