Hotstar Mod APK: All Details About App

India and OTT are indeed setting great examples. It is a fact just like UPI, OTT apps are leading the way forward. Many have even taken D2H from home as they have a better way to watch the content that does cost around the same or cheaper. Plus other benefits that come with it are great add-ons. When it comes to OTT platforms in India, Hotstar has a huge space because they focus on showing cricket and the English Premier League other than movies, TV shows, news channels and web series. This is the reason the demand for the apps stays high. Hence, the need for Hotstar Mod APK comes into the minds of the people as it is one of the most expensive OTT platforms in India. And the charges do increase year after year. It is also known as Hotstar Premium Mod APK.

And in cheaper subscription plans, they do show ads too and still, the prices go high and it gives birth to Hotstar Mod APK.  It is also known as Disney+ Hotstar.

What does it mean by Hotstar Mod APK?

Hotstar Mod APK is the solution to watch all the content for free. This is like a creaked version of Hotstar Mod. So it can help in allowing all the free content of a premium app. There is no need to sign up or pay, and this is why it works very well for those who do not like to spend any money on watching the content.

It is like a gateway to promote piracy. But as the cybers laws are still a work in progress, it takes more than ample reasons to make sure that it can bring the best results. Like whatever you can do in normal Hotstar, it is possible to do in the Mod APK version.

Hotstar Mod APK: Features

Good User Interface

  • Hotstar is known for its good User Interface (UI). After Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar is known for its best user interface. This tells that even the APK version does carry the ease of using the app.

No cost

  • Hotstar’s Mod APK version is free. And this does not cost anything for a user to pay from his pocket. It shows the real reason behind the fame of the app. So all a user needs to do is download the APK file and enjoy the same without any limit.


  • Hotstar is known for showing cricket matches along with the English Premier League for years. This indeed makes them a pick for so many people in India. And cricket does give them the right edge over others. But equally, the downloads of APK file goes higher and it is a reason behind Hotstar has not been profitable in India consistently.

Good Web Series

  • It feels that Hotstar knows what India wants. They make their series mostly and it turns out to be a good addition for the people. This gives them the exclusive edge over others and maintains the best of quality.

Superhero Movies

  • In India demand for Disney, Marvel and DC movies are always high and they cover all portion of India. This is not normal as kids to adults all like it and other OTT platforms do like to add it to their platforms. This gives them exclusive rights to get consistent subscriptions.

Hotstar Mod APK Pros

Here are some of the noteworthy aspects of Hotstar Mod APK.

  • It saves the money on the subscription fee.
  • There is no fuss about logging in or signing up.
  • It helps people watch sports matches for free.
  • This keeps cricket fans’ dream of watching cricket alive.
  • Many of the college students do find it a good platform.
  • It works the same as the original app.  
  • They never ask for any payments to watch the content.
  • The makers add the revenue from the ads.

Cons of Hotstar Mod APK

As it is a third-party app, there are huge negative also.

  • It makes Hotstar face mega losses.
  • This kills the subscription model’s growth in India.
  • It does promote the promotion of an unethical outlook.
  • It impacts the overall ecosystem of Hotstar and its aim to shine in India to the best of levels.
  • The APK files are not seen as best for smartphones.
  • Malware can even empty your bank account as UPI is a normal thing in India.
  • It does break cyber laws in India and worldwide.
  • This promotes the culture of getting things for free.
  • It impacts job creation due to a lack of revenue.
  • In the long run, it can hamper the quality at the best of levels.

Hotstar Mod APK: Why it is illegal?

Hotstar Mod APK is illegal because this is a cracked version of the app that is based on a subscription model. And this APK file is harmful to the revenue generation of Hotstar.

Hotstar Mod APK
A look of Hotstar Mod APK

As they do not have the right to sell the content that belongs to Hotstar, it comes under the illegal section. Therefore, having this app makes the user follow the unethical way of working at the best of levels. As the global cyber laws are becoming better, it can cause one major trouble having the app.

Hotstar Mod APK: How safe it is?

Hotstar Mod APK is not safe that much because it is a third-party app. The safer app is the original Hotstar app where you have to pay the money to watch the content.

This can be downloaded from the Play Store, App Store or other legit ways. But Hotstar Mod APK is not the app that is safe to have because it can lead malware to your system and impact your life to a deeper level. So a person should think many times before using the APK file. This can lead a person to an unfortunate situation.

Hotstar Mod APK: App downloading process

This is how a person can download the APK version…

  • Open the browser and enter the Hotstar Mod APK on the search bar.
  • After pressing the enter button, a host of websites would show the APK mode to download.
  • Now download the file and install it into your smartphone.

This is all, but having the app in unofficial ways can be dangerous. It can lead one to a major problem and hence, this creates bad examples for all.

Revenue generation

Hotstar Mod APK revenue comes from pop-up ads. This way they keep the app free but these ads can be 18 plus and hence, this is a downside as if kids use it, this would indeed not sound great. And sometimes these pop-up ads can be very bad to have. It does interrupt the overall experience at the best of levels. But overall, this helps them to maintain the app for free.

Final Take

Hotstar Mod APK is one of the most famous apps in India. It is free and works like the usual Hotstar app. But this promotes the unethical culture in India. However, the overall cost of these apps does go higher every year and it is a downside too as people’s salaries are not becoming higher accordingly. Hence, the rule of law and education can only help to make it down. But otherwise, the app gets great attention as it is free of cost.


It is clear from our side that we are not promoting any APK file. The aim is to tell people everything about this sector and how it works. This helps in making the internet a shining place.


Q Who is made Hotstar Mod APK?

There is no info about the brains behind Hotstar Mod APK.

Q Is Hotstar Mod APK legal?

Hotstar Mod APK’s usage is not legal at all.

Q Where to watch Koffee With Karan?

Koffee With Karan comes only on the Disney+ Hotstar app.

Q Is Disney+ Hotstar a paid app?

Yes, Disney+ Hotstar is a subscription-based app and it requires money to play it.

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