Sony Liv Mod APK: Unlock Host Of Content For Free

This is the world where OTT platforms are now leading the way. And the technological transformation has made India the best nation for digital transactions. The Internet’s cheaper rates have made sure that people can even end their association with cable TV and go for OTT platforms where you can get the same content with your control like when to play and when to pause. And then the culture of web series took over India and the middle of 2010s saw a rise in OTT platforms in India. It has a mix of mega global names like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and homegrown apps like Hotstar, Sony Liv, Zee5 and others. But one thing is that the rise of inflation is making people find cheaper ways to watch the same content despite they were paying the same money on average for OTT platforms. Hence, the birth of Sony Liv Mod Apk has taken place. So let us read about how this version of the app works.

Sony Liv Mod Apk: Introduction

See Sony Liv Mod Apk is a third-party child of the official Sony Liv app. It is the same as the official Sony Liv app that takes a subscription to watch the content. But the trick is that Sony Liv Mod Apk makes the whole process for free. Like here a person has not done any login from a mobile number or email address.

There is no need to even make an account. Just download and start watching the content for free. Yes, money-saving point of view this can be the best for a developing nation like India. But this way the overall revenue of Sony Liv goes down. This is why there is a battle going on between the official app and the APK version. All the content like web series, movies, TV shows, new channels, sports and others you can watch on APK version too. It works the same as the original app but here there is a trick of running the show for free. And this is what makes it a torrent platform.

Sony Liv Mod Apk: Features

LIV Sports  

  • Sony Liv is a prominent player in sports like the Champions League, Indian cricket match, UFC and other games. As games are being loved by many, this gives the APK file the added advantage.

Same UI

  • Sony LIV is known for its good user interface. As Sony Liv Mod Apk is equal, so it helps Sony Liv Mod Apk to also provide the same UI experience.


  • It is the only reason why users download APK files and take the risk of having a third-party app. And these tricks make it work in India.

Web series

  • Sony Liv does not take many movies that do come on the big screen. But they do focus on making quality web series. This is why the free version would enable India with some of the best web series in Hindi, English and other Indian languages.

Sony Liv Mod Apk: Pros

A third-party app can have many pros that should be talked about for overall analysis.

  • There is no cost burden on a person as the app is free.
  • This can save people money at the time of a huge rise in inflation.
  • A user can get free access to LIVE sports and other content.
  • They do submit regular updates, so this is a plus.
  • The app does stay active most of the time.
  • Sony Liv Mod Apk works well with VPN.
  • This enables financially unstable people to watch the content.
  • It is a decent way of money saving.
  • The UI is good too.

Sony Liv Mod Apk: Cons

  • Sony Liv Mod Apk can’t be downloaded from legal app stores.
  • You never know how malware can hit your system with the APK file.
  • It creates an unethical culture in India and promotes it too.
  • The overall goals of the Sony Liv team get down.
  • There is a risk to having an app that comes from an APK file.
  • It creates a culture of free-bee and that is not good for a capitalistic nation.
  • The overall growth and content quality go down.
  • It can lead to many jobs being lost.
  • The overall budget can go down.

Sony Liv Mod Apk: How much safe it is?

Let us just understand the fact that Sony Liv Mod Apk is a torrent app. This is because the official app comes in a subscription-based format. So the download can lead to something called a malware virus in your system. And India being a nation where UPI makes people run back accounts, can be tricky to have because APK files can be tempered anytime.

Sony Liv Mod APK
A look at Sony Liv APK

This is why the structure becomes unsafe. Hence, we can say that it is not feasible to call it safe. But still, people are using it as they feel nothing bad would happen to them.

Sony Liv Mod Apk: Is it legal?

No, Sony Liv APK is not legal because they do not take official rights from the original app. Hence, it is not legal at all. So it is better to think more deeply and create good outlooks. But the laws global cyber laws are not that uniform, so it is hard to take action against the app. And they must be fine in the technological aspect. But it is not legal at all to have the app in this way. And it can someday put many people in hard situations to come out from.

Sony Liv Mod Apk: Competition

Sony Liv Mod Apk does not have any direct competition. But here are some of the similar third-party apps that work in India.

  • Netflix Premium Mod Apk
  • YouTube Premium Mod Apk
  • Hotstar Premium Mod Apk
  • ZEE5 Premium Mod Apk
  • MX Player Premium Mod Apk
  • Jio Cenemia Premium Mod Apk
  • Amazon Prime Video Premium Mod Apk

But they all are not 100 safe and legal as the working pattern is the same.

Sony Liv Mod Apk: Download Process

  • In a browser, the user has to type Sony Liv Mod APK.
  • Now host of websites would let the app be downloaded.
  • Open the website, download the APK file and now it is time to install it in your smart system.

This is it now the updates they would share from time to time. But the risk of having a third-party app can be huge.

Sony Liv Mod Apk: Best content people look for

Here is the list …

  • LIVE Tennis, Champions League, Cricket Leagues and International Matches and more.
  • Gullak web series
  • The Jengaburu Curse
  • Charlie Chopra & The Mystery Of Solang Valley
  • Kafas
  • Accused (2023 TV series)
  • Maharani
  • The Good Doctor
  • Potluck
  • The Kapil Sharm Show
  • Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah
  • Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC)
  • And a host of other contents

These are some of the famous LIVE sports, TV shows and web series that people like to watch on the app.


Sony Liv Mod Apk is a cracked version of the official Sony LIV app that comes in a paid version. But this comes free to all. Hence, it is not legal and not seen as very safe. But those who like to watch content for free, do try their best to download the content for free. This is why a user should give an educated view for getting the best results creatively.


See our support is with the official Sony Liv app as they are legal. And not Sony Liv Mod Apk. This article hopes to help the internet to become an ethical place to have.


Q How do people get a Sony Liv APK free subscription?  

Well, a common practice is to use Sony Liv Mod Apk.

Q Is Sony Liv Mod APK’s usage free?

Yes, the only reason the app is working is that it is free.

Q Is Sony Liv a good app?

Yes, in India Sony Liv is seen as a very safe and good app.

Q How does Sony Liv Mod Apk make money?

They run pop-up ads to make money.

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