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You know it all too well: when booking, the offer to travel with hand luggage only is just too tempting in view of the prices. It will fit, after all, it is warm in the vacation region, and you do not need so much anyway. You just want to enjoy your vacation as cheaply as possible and play online slots real money.

In addition to the significantly reduced prices, if you do without a suitcase when flying, you also save a lot of time at the airport, which unfortunately does not fly by when you check in and wait for your luggage. 

But it is difficult to pack everything you need when just having small hand luggage. This article helps you through your packing crisis. 

1. choose the right bag

Sure, with the hand luggage bag stands and falls the hand luggage packing. As for the choice of bag, the first thing to do is to examine the guidelines of the airline you are flying with. Depending on the airline you can take different types of hand luggage. Another small bag – such as a laptop bag or a handbag or a small backpack – may also be taken along. This is practical for carrying everything that needs to be close at hand. If space is tight, the maximum amount of space can be used here.

Do not necessarily rely on a trolley for your hand luggage. It may seem practical at first, but have you ever thought about the fact that the wheels take up quite a bit of space? A weekend is often the smarter solution for making maximum use of space.

Also practical: a hand luggage backpack. This can be unfolded like a normal suitcase but can be transported on the back. The advantages: The part can be used as a backpack during the trip and thus has an additional benefit. It also offers more storage space and often comes with handy side pockets.

2. pack properly

You have probably seen on Instagram how influencers no longer fold their clothes in a classic way but instead roll the clothes up before storing them in the bag. That is not so stupid, because this folding technique saves you valuable space and ultimately allows you to take more clothes with you. What is more, the clothes won’t wrinkle this way. So that you still look smart after arrival.

3. do without the unnecessary

Should go without saying, but cannot be said often enough: This time really pack only the most necessary, really. What you can do without in any case are tools such as a hairdryer, towels, and Co. They are waiting for you in your hotel or Airbnb for sure. Hotels are also usually equipped with body lotion and shower gel.

4. wearing heavy clothes during the flight

Not quite the onion looks, but a similar concept. This especially applies to bulky jackets and long trousers, “because it is bound to get chilly in the evening. Fortunately, it is pretty cool in airplanes anyway. Tools such as sunglasses or a cap can also be carried on your body instead of in your bag.

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