Mohan Kapur: Bio, Age, Life, Wiki, Career, Net Worth

Mohan Kapur is well known actor, voice artist and also appear as host for various television series and also spotted in variety of roles for TV and Hindi films.

Overview: Mohan Kapur

He was born on 27th October 1965 in Mumbai, Maharashtra and has occupation of actor, voice artist and television host.

Career: Mohan Kapur

He is well known and also was famous as one of the south Asian host for the south Asian programme and that also produced by the satellite network and saanp seedi.

He also acted in many of the commercials and television series that was launched on various satellite for the Asia-Pacific that ranges from 1992-94 and that include in Pakistan , Nepal and Sri-lanka. This serial is one of the best show which describe the combination game and talk shows that also starred Kapur and he appear side by side with celebrity guests. And this television will led to worldwide success in the Indian Film Industry. And his Television success which led to a vast crossover of the Indian film industry and he was spotted playing the main antagonist for the film Beqabu (1996) and also eventually led to career that appear in all over 60 films and also in TV series.

Initial Stage: Mohan Kapur

Initially he was seen playing variety of films and get is around 60. And usually he was seen playing 60 film and TV industry and get firstly he was seen playing lead antagonist and also was seen playing the important role in the plays that portray him as good guy and which make him turn bad later period of time. He has get surprise antagonist and make his important role in variety of roles in Disney+ Hot star film such as Sadak 2 that appear in 2020. And also awarded with the performance for the Hindi remake of the Israeli series for the movie Disney+ Hotstar and play the role in Hostages in 2019-20.

Mohan Kapur

Voice Artist

He was known for variety of work and also appear as the voice Artist  and dubbed variety of shows from Hollywood actors such as Dwayne Johnson, Tom Hardy, Nicolas Cage and Jackie Chan.

And he also work as voice artist for the show Doctor Strange for the Hindi dubs for variety appearance and appear in series of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Kapur then in 2021 he was voiced for Doctor Strange and also appear in Hindi dubs and appear in variety of appearances throughout Marvel Cinematic Universe. And then he was seen to cast for the role of Yusuf Khan for the MCU titles that are Mrs. Marvel and The Marvels and kapur is very well known as fluent in English, Punjabi and hindi language. And has done marvelous roles in many kind of films and acting . He is very established actor and film maker who is known for doing variety of films and roles. And mostly appear in hindi films and television Industry . He serves and play as a voice artist in many of the movies and films.

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