Virgo Birthstone: Benefits, Positives, Information

The birthstone of the zodiac sign Virgo is Sapphire. The gemstone is associated with the month of September. It comes in Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, White, Pink, Purple, Grey, Orange and Brown colours. But mostly, it is in blue colour. A hexagonal crystal system is the crystal system of Sapphire. Al₂O₃ is its chemical formula. 

9 is the hardness scale of Sapphire on the Mohs hardness scale. Sapphire comes to the Latin word “saphirus” and the Greek “sapheiros” – both languages do call it as blue. Adamantine, Vitreous are its luster. It has elements such as iron, titanium, chromium, vanadium, and magnesium. One can find it in several Asian and African nations.  

Benefits of Virgo Birthstone

The benefits of Virgo birthstone; Sapphire, are as follows: 

Virgo Birthstone
Virgo Birthstone: Sapphire (Photo Credit: wallpapercave.com)
  • Sapphire does help in making the learning ability of a person better. 
  • It does see a great rise in mental acuity. 
  • Spiritual healing can also be better with this gemstone or birthstone.
  • It can make a huge difference in calming nerves. In a long term, it does assist a person to have better mental clarity. 
  • Legends say that it does open the third eye of a person, which means making his ability to understand things at a very higher level.   
  • Sapphire has been also associated with royalty, so there are chances that a person can see a significant rise in wealth.
  • It does help to eliminate the negative energies.  
  • Sapphire does lead a person to make the mind calm. 
  • It does protect a person to fight against evil spirits. 
  • Sapphire can also help a person to fathom the difference between a good and bad environment. 
  • It does make a balance in vital organs.
  • Sapphire does benefit an individual to make accurate decisions in life. 
  • It can protect a person from fevers. If it happens, then it can cure it. 
  • It can help with blood-related problems. 

Why does Sapphire Need Virgo As A Birthstone?

  • Virgo is overly critical many times; hence, the very birthstone, Sapphire, can work very well for them. 
  • Overthinking is also an issue for them. 
  • They do feel insecure many times. 
  • Scrutinizing does not help them all the time. 
  • Judgemental issues do also hit their ability to make the best decisions. 
  • They do get easily frustrated, which does make toxic relations many times. 
  • Stubborn nature does impact them from making the best decisions in life. 
  • Overly solicitous does also make them look strange. 
  • Being too Observant does also kill their vibe. 
  • Argumentative nature does impact their real-life persona.
  • One can also see complaining behaviour with Virgo. 
  • Excessively orderly and fussy nature does not also help them well. 
  • They do make things look hard to apprehend.   

Did You Know?

  • Sapphire is the best birthstone for the zodiac sign Virgo. 
  • Sapphire does show its best results from August 23 to September 22.
  • One can find Sapphire in Australia, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Cameroon, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Laos, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, United States and Vietnam.
  • Sapphire does help a person to increase wealth with the baking of hard work. 
  • It does help Virgo to fight against many blood-related problems. 
  • One can see one becoming an avid reader with Sapphire, in the case of Virgo.  

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