What are the Important Topics of CAT Syllabus?

In order to pursue an MBA, one must crack the CAT exam. For many of us, getting it is the ultimate goal! Knowledge of every subject is required to pass CAT 2022. But it helps to be familiar with the crucial subjects! Additionally, you are given a few key CAT Syllabus topics right here! Check it out and start making your preparations!

CAT Syllabus

The three sections of the CAT exam include:

1.  Quantitative aptitude

2. Verbal ability and reading comprehension

3. Logical thinking and data interpretation

Under these subtopics topics, there are many other subtopics too, instead of straining yourself, just go through the main sub-topics mentioned below which can save time and memory! So, bookworms, get set go! 

Important Topics for CAT Quantitative Aptitude

The CAT exam’s component on quantitative ability covers a wide range of topics. Arithmetic-based questions have received more attention in QA during the previous few years. Algebra is another subject with a lot of weight. A handful of the questions came from geometry. 

Important TopicsNo. of Questions (Expected)
Geometry & Mensuration7-8 Questions
Permutation & Combination1-2 Questions
Number System, Basic Arithmetic5-10 Questions
Time, Speed, and Distance1-2 Questions
Profit, loss, and Discounts1-2 Questions
Interests (SI, CI)1-2 Questions
Trigonometry, Logarithms, and Sets1-3 Questions
Time and Work1-2 Questions
Algebra6-7 Questions
Probability1-2 Questions

CAT Important Topics for Verbal Ability

One such subject on the CAT that has undergone considerable topical and structural modifications in recent years is verbal ability. A candidate’s ability to identify and correct grammatical problems is tested via grammar-based questions, so keep that in mind. The Common Assessment Test (CAT) typically assesses high school level grammar knowledge and covers topics including the usage of articles, prepositions, modifiers, subject-verb agreement, parallel construction, phrasal verbs, etc

Important TopicsNo. of Questions (Expected)
Reading Comprehension Passages18 Questions
Para-Summary2-3 Questions
Odd Sentences1-2 Questions
Word Usage (Vocabulary)1-2 Questions
Para-Jumbles2-4 Questions
Sentence Completion and Correction2-3 Questions
Fill in the Blanks1-2 Questions

CAT Important Topics for Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning is the capacity to identify patterns in the facts and infer their significance. Solving difficulties of all kinds, including math challenges, requires the application of logical reasoning and analytical abilities. Candidates have these abilities and apply them in every stage of their life, occasionally without even being aware of it. Here are a few important topics for your help:

Important TopicsNo. of Questions (Expected)
Seating Arrangement,5-6 Questions
Syllogisms and Venn Diagrams2-3 Questions
Puzzles1-2 Questions
Assumption and Binary Logic1-2 Questions
Blood Relations2-3 Questions
Clocks & Calendars1-2 Questions

CAT Important Topics for Data Interpretation

One of the most crucial CAT exam topics is data interpretation. Data analysis, often known as data interpretation, is the study of analyzing and understanding data. The CAT’s Data Interpretation Section tests an aspirant’s capacity for comprehending, analyzing, and reaching important conclusions about data. Questions about logical reasoning and data interpretation can be found on the CAT 2022. Getting familiar with the Data Interpretation component is a crucial element of CAT Exam preparation.

Important TopicsNo. of Questions (Expected)
Tables and Caselets3-5 Questions
Data Sufficiency3-5 Questions
Graphs Related5-8 Questions

Candidates are suggested to focus on the important CAT syllabus. Making an appropriate schedule has helped many applicants pass the CAT; now it’s your turn. As the saying goes, every great thing had a humble beginning. Nothing is ever too late, so fasten your seatbelt and start preparing.

Examine each item in great depth before focusing on and starting to learn the main CAT syllabus. You can use BYJU’S Exam Prep as this is a well-known website to prepare for a variety of tests like UPSC, in addition to the CAT exam. This can serve as a useful reference.

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