What to look for when getting lash supplies?


Lashes are one of the fastest-growing industries in beauty, and they are becoming more popular every year. Lashes are an easy way to add volume, length, and shape to your client’s natural lashes. They give them a beautiful, glamorous look without wearing mascara or false eyelashes for weeks. Most salons use lash extensions that are applied using glue instead of threading or waxing, which can get very messy and irritating for both your client and yourself.

The best ones are reusable.

Reusable lash supplies are better for the environment. Reusing your lash tools and products not only conserves landfill space but also prevents the need to purchase new disposable ones. If you have a reusable device, like a lash comb or tweezers, you can save time and money by using it multiple times rather than buying more disposable tools.

Lash artists should be cognizant of their client’s health when considering what products they use on them. In addition to being safe for both clients and practitioners, environmentally friendly products are safer for everyone involved in getting ready for an event or wedding day—which makes them great options for businesses specialising in makeup artistry.

You’ll want ones that are easy to use.

When you start, you will want lash supplies that are easy to use. You want to spend less time fussing with the eye pads or having trouble getting a client’s lashes attached correctly.

You’ll also need ones that are comfortable for clients. You can only imagine how much discomfort your client will feel if they have to keep their eyes open for hours on end. Some come equipped with special eye pads or techniques that allow them to keep their eyes closed while they get their lashes done.

Finally, make sure you purchase hygienic ones; this means washable lashes, sterilised tools, and products that won’t irritate your clients’ skin (if possible).

It’s essential to protect your clients’ eyes.

The first thing you should do as a lash technician is to protect your client’s eyes. You can do this by using safety glasses, or if you don’t have those, using a mask to cover your mouth and nose while applying lashes. Also, wear gloves at all times during the application process. This will help ensure there is no chance of getting any lash glue in your customer’s eyes or skin.

In addition to protecting your customer’s eyes, you must use only clean supplies when working on them! This means ensuring that every one of your tools has been freshly washed before beginning any work on someone else. It would be best to keep an eye out for anything that might be dirty (like a towel) and replace it with something new before starting each session with a new customer.

Make sure they’re sanitised and sterile.

Make sure your lash supplies are sanitised and sterile. It is essential to clean and sanitise them every time you use them, as well as wash your hands before and after using them. A good rule of thumb is that if you don’t put a product in your mouth, it shouldn’t go on the eye.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on them.

Feel free to use the most expensive brands or tools when shopping for lash supplies. Many are more about marketing than anything else, so there’s no need to get sucked into their hype. You’re good as long as the supplies and products work well for your needs and budget!


Here are some tips if you are looking for lashes and want to know what to look for. First, you should ensure that the company is certified by the FDA. This means they have passed rigorous testing on their products that provide quality and safety standards. You also want to ensure that all ingredients used in making these products are safe – no harmful chemicals or preservatives.

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