6 Important Tips to Start UPSC Preparation Effectively

UPSC is one of the toughest exams one can think of while starting with its preparation. No matter how much time one devotes to its preparation, the readiness for the exam cannot be felt at any point before the exam.

The exam is not only challenging in terms of the length of the syllabus for UPSC, but it is also daunting because of its highly unpredictable nature.

Aspirants preparing for UPSC encounter numerous strategies and tips to prepare and excel in the exam. However, it is important that they follow the basic and the most effective tips which are easy to follow and can help them sail through the long drawn battle of clearing the UPSC exams.

It is always advisable that one should start the preparation for UPSC exam immediately as one realizes to sit for the exam. Hence, through this article we have come up with a few pointers that aspirants must feed in their brain while starting with UPSC preparation.

Important points to work on before starting with UPSC exam preparation

  1. Adopt Reading Habit – The ideal approach to improve vocabulary and effectively attempt the comprehension or essay segment of the UPSC exam is by reading. Try reading a lot- newspapers, books, magazines, blogs and other online articles. A good reading habit will likewise enable you to expand your reading speed and furthermore develop your comprehending capabilities to understand different questions in the examination.
  2. Build Vocabulary- Building a decent vocabulary is a slow process and it requires a gigantic measure of tolerance and ingenuity. Thankfully, there are many devices and tools to help you build your vocabulary like flashcards, word maps and so forth. These visual guides dependably offer assistance. Reading habits will also help you with building strong vocabulary.
  3. Analyse Weaker and Stronger Areas – Before starting with the preparation of any competitive exam and not just UPSC it is important to analyze the weak and strong topics from the syllabus. Acquaint yourself with the detailed syllabus, check what topics have always been tough for you and sort it out based on your strengths and weaknesses. This way you can strategize a proper preparation plan and study accordingly. Once you analyze the weaker topics or areas, try converting them to your strengths.
  4. Work on Cognitive Skills – the ability to think critically and logically is really important if you are planning to appear for the UPSC exam. Ability to think critically will help you write original pieces and impress the examiner. Your answers could stand out from the pile and this could be your winning factor which will put you straight in the toppers list while logical thinking ability will halep build your IQ and you will be able to tackle any question in the exam as well as in the interview round.
  5. Mock test Strategies – It would not be easy to clear the exam if you do not take regular mock tests. Mock tests will be helpful to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and to effectuate your preparation strategy. Analyze every mock test result and monitor those to ensure that you are making clear progress with every subsequent attempt. Mock tests will help you understand your levels of preparation amidst the massive competition that exists for this examination. Moreover, regular mock tests will help you stay relaxed in the actual examination environment.
  6. Always keep de-stressed – UPSC is an exam that tests your ability to withstand stress at every stage of preparation. If your preparation is in the right direction devoid of stress, then you stand a great chance of clearing this massively difficult examination. To keep yourself stress free it is important that you practice meditation and breathwork which is a proven technique to induce calmness. Always make sure that you have the right food at the right time. Allocate some time every day for exercise which will scientifically reduce the stress inducing hormones and increase your positive vibes. Also, discard the habit of studying non-stop without taking sleep. If the mind and body is not in good health all the efforts will be lost and one cannot have the necessary zeal and energy to prepare for the IAS exam.

With these tips, exam aspirants can effectively start their UPSC preparation. Candidates appearing for the UPSC exam on October 11th 2021 are advised to keep track of UPSC Admit Card page on the given links and are suggested to be dedicated and focused all throughout their preparation to be able to ace the exam easily.

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