Brock Samson: Bio, Age, Life, Career, Height

Brock Samson first appeared in the “Terrible secret of the turtle bay.” He is the deuteragonist of the famous animated show from the US : The Venture Bros. He is known as the popular Brock Samson. He is a damn strong OSI agent and also acts as a body guard for Thaddeus Venture. To be funny, he was actually designed to be a parody of the super famous pro wrestler – Psycho Sid Vicious. His last appearance is known to be on the “The Saphrax Protocol.” There has not been any major reveal about his background – where he was born. All that is known is that he is one of the two brothers to a single mother located in Omaha. Omaha is in Nebraska and he is actually a swedish person. He has joined the ventures and also left them at one point. But he also made a return in the adventures. It is said that he lost his virginity at the mere age of fourteen.


As mentioned, Brock Samson was based on the pro wrestler – Psycho Sid Vicious, but there was later complaints from the WWE’s office so they had to tone down the psychotic behaviour a bit. He is usually wearing clothes which were popular in the 1970’s or 80’s. For example, four pocket shorts and polos which were tight, pastel colored pants, white shoes. At the start of season 4, he lost his job so due to that his body was out of shape.


Although he is developed in a good and fascinating way, he still remains the strong and silent character from the show. His voice is usually low. And his tone his always laid back and casual. For some reason he chooses to speak in a calm way in the most horrible and dangerous situations. His facial expressions are always no less than crazy. He has learned his disciplines from the Colonel Hunter gathers. Due to this reason, he can take any enemy down on sight except children and women. His respects his duty as a body guard and also as an agent. No matter how strong the villain is, he will always stay calm and look as if he was expecting this, no surprise. His personality has evolved a lot from the start to the end.


Brock Samson’s strength is almost super human. His endurance ability is very impressive. He can handle and endure many types of physical torture or punishment without a single changed facial expression. Samson was once in vacuum of outer space and endured even that. He once failed to notice that some bullets have hit his body. But not only he can endure pain but also give it other enemies. He usually does not prefer any fire arms, rather he relies on his hands for the fights.

Brock Samson


  • Brock’s OSI agent number is 9262.
  • He is heavily based on Samson from the Bible.
  • Birthday is on May 28, 1962
  • Brock is fond of his Herb Garden


“Somewhere, Chuck Norris weeps in defeat.”

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