Gemma Owen: Bio, Age, Wiki, Career, Net Worth

Gemma Owen: Introduction 

Gemma Owen is one of the most famous people around the world when it comes cindering the fact that she is a daughter of a famous football player and is a reality television star. 

This combination does work very well in terms of creating headlines and having the easy root to be a successful person is not at all as Gemma looks to be the one who has indeed created a mega impact for becoming a known person in the United Kingdom and around the world. She is known to the world know as a part of the reality show Love Island family, where she did take part in the 8th season. 

Being rich and having all the money to live a decent life does help her to become a known name around the world. From a great fashion sense to a creative touch, Gemma is famous for everything and this is what makes her happy and creative at the same time. 

As she became the runner-up in her Love Island season, it did help her to get global fame and recognition the manner people did start to take her out of the shadows of his father Michael Owen, who is one of the best strikers England has ever produced.

Gemma Owen’s Biography (Age, Wiki, Childhood) 

Gemma Owen is a famous English reality television star, businesswoman, model, social media influencer, and a daughter of an English football legend. She did come to this world on 1 May 2003 in Countess of Chester Hospital Accident and Emergency Department, Chester, United Kingdom.

As of early 2023, she is 19 years old young lady. 1 May does make Gemma come in the Taurus zodiac sign. Just like her super famous father, Gemma does hold English nationality. She grew up in a rich family that has a lovely mother, a famous father, and three other siblings named Jessica Owen, Emily May Owen, and James Michael Owen. Hence, she never felt alone while growing up. 

She is blessed to have two sisters and a brother. Out of all four siblings, she is the firstborn and hence has seen most of her father’s career as a professional football player. She did have a great childhood, where Emma did live in the cities of Sunderland and Manchester too while she was growing up as her father did play for Newcastle United FC and Manchester United for a decent time when she was growing up. 

Who is Gemma Owen?

Gemma Owen is the first child of Michael Owen, who is one of the best strikers the world of football has ever seen. He is famous for playing for Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Manchester United. However, this is not just what defines Gemma as she is a model, reality TV star, social media star, horse riding professional, and a successful businesswoman.

Gemma Owen

Out of every famous footballer who did play during his father’s peak time in England, Gemma is the most famous child. Hence, she has come out of the skin of her father from being her own name and fame. She did gain fame after taking part in Love Island season 8, where she did lose to Davide Sanclimenti and Ekin-Su and came second with her ex-boyfriend Luca Bish. The 2023 UK edition of the show made her famous in the UK to a great level that she is a huge name in the country now.

How Tall is Gemma Owen? Height & Weight – Physical Stats 

Gemma Owen is a famous and beautiful lady, standing 5 feet 6 inches. She is a modern fitness freak lady, who keeps her weight mostly to 56 kg. Gemma feels very happy with her dark brown eyes and hair. One can see her using lenses too for changing her eye color and she does sometimes do hair color too. Her bra size is 32C, hip size is 24, and waist size is 32. The feet size of Gemma is 7 (UK).

She does not smoke but likes to drink wine here and there but not at an extensive level, which shows how well nowadays girls look after their skin and body. She does like to tan the color of her body. It is in trend in the western world nowadays. Just like 95 percent of Love Island girls, she has also done cosmetic surgeries for enhancing her looks. She has done other body surgeries too at a very young age as she does like to keep her body looking changing.  

Gemma Owen’s Parents, Siblings, Relatives, Family

She is blessed to have a big family of many famous people. Her father is the one and only former footballer and now pundit Michael Owen. Louise Bonsall is the name of her mother. Many do call her Louise Owen also. The pair did marry in 2005, two years after Gemma was born. She is blessed to have three younger siblings named Emily May Owen, Jessica Owen, and James Michael Owen.

Terry Owen and Jeanette Owen are her grandparents from her father’s side. She feels blessed to have uncles Terry Junior, Terry Owen, Jr., Andrew Owen, and aunts Lesley Partridge and Karen Owen. This is a key reason behind her having so many loved ones who were there always for their growth of Gemma. She is connected a lot with her casinos too. Excluding her father, she is a famous personality in the Owen family, which is a note to feel proud of her family.

Gemma Owen
Gemma Owen’s Family

Gemma Owen: Personal Life

She does live a very lavish and chilled-out life being the daughter of a famous celebrity kid. As of now, she is dating men, which for her age is normal. As she has crossed the age of 18, she is traveling around the world. Just like many rich people, she does like to travel to Dubai as it has become a hub to enjoy holidays and find work for rich people of the UK and models as many brands do operate from there spending billions of USD.Gemma in her personal life does horse riding and she is a member of the International Dressage Rider for GB. During her free time, she hangs out with her friends, reads books, plays with her pets, and swims. On the weekends, she does like to do barbeque at home as it is a kind of in-trend thing around the world, mostly in the UK. 

Gemma Owen Education

Gemma Owen did change many schools while growing up as his father keep on moving from one place to another as a professional football player. But she has not gone for opt a degree at the university level as she has done her qualification in international dressage rider for Great Britain. This was her passion while growing up and now she is a top name in the field too. Being a model and doing many other things.

she does not have time to go the unveracity and opt for a degree as she has built her career with basic education and life teaching. It does not seem to be a normal case of a star kid as most of the time, they are happy with the way life is going as there is not much tension about earning money for basic needs. But Gemma is different. She was one of the most famous girls during her school time due to her father, personality, and looks. 

How Old is Gemma Owen?

Gemma Owen is 19 years old as of now. She was born on 1 May 2003. She did take part in Love Island after turning 19 years old. Gemma has Taurus as her zodiac sign. But she does not believe in these signs very much. Gemma is a Chastain but she is not the one who does go the crush every now and then. However, that does not mean that she does not follow the words of the Lord Jesus at all. In fact, she feels proud to be in the blessings of Jesus. Just like her zodiac sign Taurus suggests, Gemma always works full of her passion and does take risks in life. Hence, it does make her a strong personality. It is the nature of her sun sign that makes her a hard-working lady as the planets do help her to take this ride to the best level. 

Gemma Owen Professional Carrier

Gemma Owen is a jack of many trades. The daughter of Michael Owen is a reality television sensation, a star kid, an entrepreneur, a rider, and a model.   She did start her professional career at the age of 19. When she entered the Love Island villa on June 6th,2022, and stayed until the end – of August 1st,2022. She did start to work way before but it was her mega break that made her Gemma Owen, not just a child of Michael Owen. who is super famous in England and around the world. She is a public figure now to keep on with her aim to be a big fashion entrepreneur. Gemma is doing everything to make an impact and keeps on trying her hands in many professions. That makes her father and family members proud.

Gemma Owen Carrier- International Dressage Rider & Model

Gemma Owen has made a huge career in modeling as well as horse riding, which is a never seen thing for many. She is a part of the International Dressage Rider for GB. She did take part in the European Championships 2021. Gemma is also an ambassador for Holland Cooper Equestrian, which is a shopping & retail store, and SRPR: which does “Inspiring brands. Building legacies. Creating icons. PR | BRAND MANAGEMENT | ATHLETE MANAGEMENT”.

She did start riding horses at a very young age. Had she not gone to Love Island, carrying a passion for modeling too, one would have seen her winning championships for England in the same sport. However, she does like to do a mix of both by making her hobbies a part of her life being a model and horse rider. In her eyes, it has been the best decision she made in her life from a professional point of view.  

Gemma Owen Boyfriend, Affairs

She did have a boyfriend earlier – but it was not the level of fame she got when she met Luca Bish at the Love Island villa. They fell in love in the summer of 2022 in front of the UK public and show lovers around the world. As for the very first time, a mega footballer’s child went into the show, it did make them famous and let the couple finish as runners-up in the show, back in 2022.

After they made split, Gemma Owen started to date Grime star Bugzy Malone in Jan 2023. It also created mega headlines around the world. Back in Dec 2022, she said in an interview with Daily Mail that she does ‘no regrets’ about parting ways with her reality TV love and hence, many fans of the show did say that it was a fake relationship. She is now in news with Bugzy Malone, who is also a very known face.

Who is Gemma Owen’s Boyfriend?

She has been linked with some famous names. At the 2022 Love Island show, Gemma Owen did start a relationship with Luca Bish. They even kissed on the show and it was telecasted too. However, she did part ways with Luca Bish and even said that she does not feel bad at all to part ways with Luca as now she feels they are now meant for each other. In Jan 2023, the updates came that she has started to date Bugzy Malone, who is also a famous name for the UK people. Bugzy did have boyfriends before the 2022 Love Island show. But those were not very famous and Gemma does not like to talk a lot about them. It is just that she has moved on from these situations and now deals in a different manner. It means she has gotten out of these childish love affairs now.

Gemma Owen
Gemma owen’s Boyfriend


Who is Michael Owen’s Daughter?

Gemma Owen is not just the daughter of football legend Michael Owen, but she is a reality TV star, model, celeb kid, ambassador for PrettyLittleThing, founder of OG BEACHWEAR; a clothing brand, and an international rider of International Dressage Rider for GB. These are all the things she did achieve at the young age of 18. So, other than being the first-born of a legendary football player, she has done more than ample enough to shine in the very best manner and make her name famous around the world. She did participate in the eighth season of Love Island UK, which happen in the summer of 2022. It became the core reason behind the blasting of fame around the world. And hence, she started her journey as a reality TV star in the UK. 

She came second in the season with Luca Bish, who is also a famous celeb now in the UK. The very reason has made the foundations of Gemma famous around the world with her father’s name helping her to become a mainstream player/model. She is a sister of three siblings and a daughter of a celebrity couple in the UK. These are the main points they do define her very well. She did stay 58 days on the show, which is the most. 

Gemma Owen’s Husband

She does not seem to have any plan to marry for a certain time. She is dating and being with hunks – but Gemma has not married yet, so she does not have a husband. Her most famous relationship was with Luca Bish. They started to love each other at the Love Island UK 2022 show. They fell in love in the summer of 2022 and parted ways months later. Now Gemma is in news to date Bugzy Malone. The first reports came to the media in Jan 2023. As both are famous, it did create a lot of headlines on social media and on the internet too.  

“I do feel that marriage is something that should set examples just like my parents have done for me. So I do want to marry when I feel that it is the best time for me to get married. And it does take time to find the one with whom your vibes do match to the best level,” said Gemma Owen.

Gemma Owen: House & Lifestyle

Gemma does live a luxurious lifestyle. She is a daughter of a millionaire football player, who has and is earning a lot. Hence, it has helped her to have the luxury all around her from birth. Now from getting expensive bags to rich food, she has all things in her arsenal. Now a change is that she is doing most of the things on her own as she does also earn. Gemma is a house in London and a villa in England. He also has a part in her father’s place always. She does also own a flat in Dubai also. 

She likes to live a super-rich life and does like to spend on her friends who do not have similar financial backing from birth. Gemma has a collection of 75 luxury bags, with LV as her all-time favorite brand. She likes to wear luxury brands clothes too, so it does tell how well she is living life as a grown-up now.

What is Gemma Owen Net Worth?

As of 2023, Gemma Owen holds a net worth of USD 2 million. She has not earned all the time money from herself but it is her father who has helped her to set up a fashion brand named OG BEACHWEAR. Her father’s net worth is estimated at around USD 90 million. As he works as a pundit too, so it keeps him earning sums. Even’s Gemma siblings are ready to have USD 1 million net worth at their bank and all thanks to their father Michael Owen. Along with her father, she does take part in charity work and does take part in helping others. 

She has a Mercedes S class and a Bentley. She owns 45 luxury sunglasses. Gemma is currently helping 5 NGOs with her father as it helps them to serve people in need. It does show how she is using her money on a personal level and by offering a good living for others too.   

Gemma Owen Wikipedia & Social Media Links

Gemma Owen is a famous model, horse rider, founder of a fashion brand, daughter of Michael Owen, and a reality TV star. This has indeed made her famous around the world and has invited a lot of fame in her life, which is evident with her over 2 million followers on Instagram as of 2023. Her username on Insta is @gemowen_1. She does promote her fashion brand OG BEACHWEAR, which does have over 65k followers on Insta. Even her sports and horse riding promotional Insta handle – gemowendressage – does have over 252k followers. It does tell a lot about her fame. She does have more than 22.9K Followers on Twitter, which she did join on May 2022, just before coming into the Love Island villa. 

One of her vlogs on YouTube

On TikTok too, she has more than 1.1 million followers, which is very much, and has over 1.4 billion views. She is on YouTube too. Her channel has over 94.9K subscribers. She started her YouTube channel after coming out of the Love Island villa, where she does tell what is happening in her personal and professional life.   

7 Facts You Should Know about Gemma Owen

  • Gemma Owen is the elder daughter/child of Michael Owen, she was born two years before they married. Hence, Gemma has taken the role of a responsible sibling always. 
  • When she was young, at school, she never wanted to leave the city of Manchester as she did have friends, Owen left the club in 2012 and she did cry for three days at that time.
  • Gemma has seen her father playing more than any of her three siblings being the elder daughter of the Owen family. 
  • She is the first child of a football player to enter the Love Island villa and hence, she did become one of the most grown personalities coming from the Love Island villa ever. 
  • Gemma is the only model ever who has made a career in house riding too.  
  • Gemma is a huge fan of the Kardashian family. She has watched all the shows Keeping Up With the Kardashians. It means all 20 seasons. 
  • Gemma’s beloved football side if Liverpool but she is not a huge football fan. She has also huge respect for Man United, which is not normal. 

Why Gemma Owen is Famous? 

Gemma Owen is famous as she is a daughter of a famous and retired footballer or soccer player Michael Owen. But this is just a small reason behind her fame as she is a reality TV star, model, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and pro horse rider. These are the reasons that do make her famous around the world. She is a star in her own right and one of the best young models in the UK, with her father’s aim being a bonus for her, which does not happen with normal Love Island content. It is like when Tyson Fury’s brother Tommy Fury did take part in Love Island.  

These are the main thing that makes her famous. It is to the level that she has billions of views on TikTok, which does not happen until a person does not hold an ex-factor with him or her in life.

Is Gemma Owen a Dressage Rider?  

Gemma Owen is a Dressage Rider. She has reparented her nation at the European level too. It was the event of 2021. However, it is not all she does as Gemma does the modeling of gears related to housewares and has multiple partnerships with some known brands in the UK. 

She does Dressage Riding at the professional level. But one can’t see her giving her all in the very field only as she has worked as a model and so many other tasks too. But it is her passion, which has turned into her profession but a professional job of her. Many people do know her from her great Dressage Riding ability in the UK. She comes from a sporting family, so it is not a huge surprise for many. And while growing up, she had all the time and money to learn how to ride house even to a professional level. 

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