Joji Glimpse of Us Lyrics: Song, Writer, Genre, Meaning

Whatever we say, the room for a romantic song is always there that we love to know. It is a known thing that this genre is not something that is loved by all. But the class in the music that has an angle of love is huge. In situations of break up to finding love, these songs work as a healing. And what makes it better is that songs do release dopamine that makes a mind fresh and feel better. One such song we are covering from the list is Joji Glimpse of Us Lyrics. So stick with us as we are covering them all.

A glimpse of Us Lyrics By Joji: An Intro

Joji’s real name is George Kusunoki Miller. He is a very well-known name in Japanese (Asian Culture) and Western music fans. In 2022, he came up with a single named Glimpse of Us. This is a romantic and sad genre song that is dedicated to a broken love. Here Joji, who is the singer, tries to show the feelings he has for his love of life. It did show that things were not cool with them, but Joji loves everything about her.

The Glimpse of Us came on 10 June 2022 under major players like 88rising and Warner Records. Connor McDonough is the producer of the music video/song. The fame of the song led it to come under Billboard Hot 100.

Joji Glimpse of Us Lyrics: Meaning

Joji Glimpse of Us Lyrics is dedicated to all the boys and men who love a girl or women. However, things do not pan out great for them. The song did see the writer putting all his emotions to show how much the male was trying to get the love back from his lady. It did show that the male tried his all but did not able to win her forever. It was more love from his side than her.

And the song tried to show that no matter what the person was loving all the small memories he had with the lady he loved. The song is for all the lovers who did not get the girl of their dreams. But still the moment they remember is huge.  

Stats: Joji Glimpse of Us Lyrics

  • Singer: Joji
  • Songwriters: Alexis Kesselman, Castle, Riley McDonough and Connor McDonough
  • Duration: 3:53
  • Released: 10 June 2022
  • Producer: Connor McDonough
  • Corporate behind 88rising and Warner Records
  • Joji singles chronology: “Thinking Bout You” (2022),    “Glimpse of Us” (2022),        “Yukon (Interlude)” (2022)
  • Music video: On YouTube
  • Available: YouTube, YouTube Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music and more
  • Biggest High: Billboard Hot 100
  • Music Video Director: Dan Streit

Joji Glimpse of Us Lyrics: Trivia

  • Joji Glimpse of Us Lyrics did win the nomination for Song of the Year at the ARIA Awards 2022 in Australia.
  • Joji is half-Australian due to his father.
  • The song made the entrance in Billboard Hot 100’s top 10.
  • The song was in the number 1 spot in nations like Australia, Indonesia, Lithuania, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Singapore.
  • It did see the song come in 2nd spot on the Global 200.
  • On the top 10 list, the song was flying in Canada, Ireland, Norway, the United States and Vietnam.
  • The song helped Joji to be the first singer from Aisa to reach Spotify’s Global chart number 1. And he stayed at number 1 for 10 days.
  • After Kyu Sakamoto’s “Sukiyaki” in 1963, the song came in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 sung by a Japanese.
  • Christina Grimmie’s death made the writer come up with this song.
  • Not many know but Charlie Puth did get the offer to sing the song, but he did refuse.
  • The music video clip was trending on TikTok back in 2022.
  • Sony DCR-HC32 miniDV was used to shoot the song.
  • It took 15 hours of raw footage to make this music video.
  • Tennessee, Alabama, Los Angeles and New York are the places where it was shot.

Joji Glimpse of Us Lyrics: Critical Acclaim

  • Not just the people, but pundits of songs did like. According to Complex’s Brenton Blanchet, the song had a “chilling piano ballad”.
  • The New York Times’ Jon Caramanica did like the song and called it “splendid and striking”.
  • Bandwagon Asia did find the song very different and it was kind of a surprise for them to hear Joji Glimpse of Us Lyrics.

A look: Joji Glimpse of Us Lyrics

Take a look at the image below to read full Joji Glimpse of Us Lyrics…

Joji Glimpse of Us LyricsJoji Glimpse of Us Lyrics
Joji Glimpse of Us Lyrics

Joji Glimpse of Us Lyrics: Pros

  • It gives the feeling of love.
  • The writer shows the pure side of love.
  • The song plays a huge role in telling the power of one-sided love.
  • The song gives the feeling of as if the hero wants to relive every small moment.
  • It gives the feeling of deep love and adds another good music in the romantic genre.
  • The duration of the songs is not much.
  • The writer makes emotional with his words.
  • The song has a very soft and kind nature.
  • It makes the world feel how special love is.

9 other songs of Joji

Joji is a very good singer. There are other songs of Joji that one can hear and they are available in major platforms.

  • Die For You
  • Worldstar Money
  • Sanctuary
  • Like You Do
  • Gimmie Love
  • Will He
  • Run

These are some of the songs that are loved by fans of Joji.

Basics about Joji

Joji is the voice behind Joji Glimpse of Us Lyrics. He was born on 18 September 1992 in Osaka, Japan. The famous Asian singer did study from the New York Institute of Technology. He is known as a Singer, songwriter, rapper and comedian. Since 2006, he is active in the industry. Many do not know but his full name is George Kusunoki Miller. His father is Australian and hence, he is half-Australian and half-Japanese. Joji can speak English and Japanese fluently.

Final Take

Joji Glimpse of Us Lyrics does tell that toxic male that it is not about getting a lady but remembering golden days with her. It is like love where one side is fully dedicated. This is what this song tells. Joji did get the chance to sing the song after American singer-songwriter and record producer Charlie Puth said no the song and it worked for Joji. Now he is a global star who is famous in Asia, Europe, North America and other parts of the world.


Q What’s the song duration of Glimpse of Us Lyrics?

Glimpse of Us Lyrics song and music video’s duration is 3:53.

Q Who is Glimpse of Us singer?

Joji is the singer of Glimpse of Us song that came in 2022.

Q Is Joji a comedian too?

Yes, other than being a singer, Joji is a comedian also.

Q When did Glimpse of Us song came?

Glimpse of Us song was released on 10 June 2022.

Q Is Glimpse of Us romantic song?

Yes, Glimpse of Us is a romantic song.

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