Wait In The Truck Lyrics: Combination To Two Singers

It is a fact to say that Wait In The Truck is a song that is famous for the reason of country and murder ballad genre mixing. This gives even a romantic nature to the song. Several modern songs have taken over the world, but this is one to look at and love because people do love it the best. So let’s dive a known in detail about Wait In The Truck Lyrics that the younger generation is mad about.

Wait In The Truck Lyrics: An Intro

Wait In The Truck is a song that first came on August 29, 2022. Lainey Wilson and Michael Hardy are the singers of the song or music video. It is part of Hardy’s second album in the form of The Mockingbird & the Crow. The song became the famous of his album, where the collaboration with Lainey did work well. The theme of the song was a male taking revenge on an abuser by killing him. It comes under the Big Loud label. In most major platforms, the song is being loved and in demand.

Wait In The Truck Lyrics: Some basic info

  • Song Name: Wait in the Truck
  • Album: The Mockingbird & the Crow
  • Label: Big Loud
  • Songwriters: Michael Hardy, Hunter Phelps, Jordan Schmidt and Renee Blair
  • Producer: Hardy Joey Moi Derek Wells and Jordan Schmidt
  • Hardy singles chronology: Sold Out (2022) Wait in the Truck (2022), Jack (2022)
  • Lainey Wilson singles chronology: Heart Like a Truck (2022), Wait in the Truck (2022), Save Me (2023)

Meaning of Wait In The Truck Lyrics

Wait In The Truck Lyrics do carry some emotional nature as the song tells about revenge where the hero of the music video killed a person as the person wanted to take revenge. And the mix of male and female voices made the song the best. Michael Hardy and Lainey Wilson made music that shows the impact of Country music. In a nutshell, this is the core meaning of it. The revenge is taken because the hero did get injustice and in return, he flipped it back and made sure the culprit got the punishment. It did come as high as 23 in the US Billboard Hot 100 in the weekly chart.

Wait In The Truck Lyrics: Background

Wait In The Truck and its Lyrics came when Hardy and Hunter Phelps were having a conversation. The topic was what the actions of both would be if their batter halves did get attacked. As per Hardy, he said that he would attack and tell his soulmate to sit in the truck. It did let them understand that Wait In The Truck would be the best name for it. Jordan Schmidt’s home studio in March 2021, they did get the inspiration. It did make them take the idea from “Ol’ Red”. Even on that night only, they did get a demo. And Renee Blair did help with female vocals.

Garth Brooks’ “The Thunder Rolls” and The Chicks’ “Goodbye Earl” are the inspirations behind this song. The song’s idea was to make domestic abuse go down. The song saw the hero killing the devil-like man who was making his woman feel bad physically.

Wait In The Truck Lyrics: Music video

Wait In The Truck Lyrics music video did see the direction of Justin Clough. It was produced by Taylor Vermillion and Ben Skipworth. In the video, Hardy killed the abuser in Wilson. It did see Hardy go behind the bars. Madeleine O’Connell did say back in 2022 that it deserves to come under “Video of the Year-worthy”. And the 2023 CMT Music Awards did see them winning Collaborative Music Video of the Year. They were nominated for Video of the Year too. And the video has made the lyrics even better.

Wait In The Truck Lyrics: About singers

  • Michael Wilson Hardy is a well-known country music singer and songwriter. Other than singing, he has written for many iconic bands. Since 2018, he has been very active in the market. Caleigh Ryan is his wife. They pair married in 2022. It was in the same year the song came for the very first time. He was born on September 13, 1990, in Philadelphia, Mississippi, United States.
  • Lainey Wilson is the one who has made Wait In The Truck Lyrics magical with the help of her beautiful voice. And now there are not many songs coming with male and female combinations. Lainey is a famous American country music singer and songwriter. She was born on May 19, 1992, in Baskin, Louisiana, United States. She has been working in the industry since 2011.

Wait In The Truck Lyrics

Here is the Wait In The Truck Lyrics in image format…

Wait In The Truck Lyrics
Wait In The Truck Lyrics

Final Words

Wait In The Truck Lyrics does tell the love of a man for his love that he did kill somebody to protect her. In a way, it is a magical romantic song. This shows how much males respect women. And how some men do abuse women. The song came in 2022 and did see the fame coming in for both. And the lyrics of the song are something that one should know.


Q Who are Wait In The Truck’s song singers?

Michael Wilson Hardy and Lainey Wilson are the singers of Wait In The Truck.

Q When did Wait In The Truck get released?

Wait In The Truck came on August 29, 2022.

Q What is a good Country song?

Well, there are many good songs, but one can hear Wait In The Truck.

Q What does Michael Wilson Hardy do for living?

Michael Wilson Hardy is a famous American singer and songwriter.

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