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Earl Of Lemongrab: Introduction

The earl of lemongrab is very evidently also known as the Earl or lemongrab in the show. He is an adult character of the show. Earl of lemongrabwas voiced by Justin Roiland. He made his first appear in the episode “too young”. In terms of defining him, He is the high-strung, overly-zealous, obnoxious, paranoid, stubborn ruler of the Earldom of Lemongrab, and the heir to the Candy Kingdom. He is also very tall. Earl of lemongrab came into existence when Princess bubblegum made a mistake. He was one of the first experiments when it went wrong. Thus she is the creator of Lemongrab. 

He was able to usurp the throne of the Candy Kingdom on the technicality of Bubblegum’s de- aging but. once Princess Bubblegum was 18 again, she fires him, and he returned to Lemongrab.

Earl Of Lemongrab: Career 

The Earl is one of the overtly humanoid candy people. He has yellow, lemon-textured skin when zoomed in to his face it can be easily observed.he has a bulbous, lemon-shaped head, and a long nose similar to that of the Ice King, Fire Count, and Farmworld Finn on the show.. In addition to this, he has a long, snake-like green tongue, and oval eyes with black circles as the colour of his irises. His teeth, appear to be razor-sharp in a fee episodes. Alike many of the Adventure Time characters, he has thin, noodle-like limbs and a lean torso; however, his behind sticks out noticeably, making his body profile resemble a jelly bean. It consists of one large and ver  round butt cheek. Inspite of the fact that he is made far more humanoid than the average candy person, he does not have toes, nipples, or a belly-button. There are  lines around his eyes when stressed, and visible frown lines when he is particularly upset. The Earl of lemongrab wears a dark-grey bodysuit, black boots, a green belt with a lemon-shaped buckle. He also carries a sound sword in a brown scabbard. 

A very few cartoon characters have a change of outfit for night but For bed, he wears a light grey one-piece with snaps on the butt. He also  sometimes uses a pair of half-moon spectacles to read. He prefers wearing a pair of underpants which are of light-grey briefs with three buttons on the front. 

Earl Of Lemongrab

Things To Remember 

He has extremely high tolerance for physical injury as seen in different episodes. Things to remember always carries a sword which has the ability to emit powerful sound waves which can knock people unconscious. He also has a good grasp on technology and he himself has designed, built and operates the reconditioning chamber of his castle. Things to remember  also designed the Sound Sword himself, as it is powered by the unique frequency of his own screams. He can be considered more “fluid” than the other characters , because he is unusually flexible. Things to remember  is very strong both mentally and physically. He has am eidetic memory. 

An interesting thing about lemongrab is that the Earl is made of lemon candy, rather than lemons this could be because Princess Bubblegum may have put some of her own candy dna into him when she was making Lemongrab.

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