Firoz Chuttipara: Bio, Age, Wiki, Career, Net Worth

Firoz Chuttipara: Intro

There is a YouTuber named Firoz Chuttipara who is from Kerala. People are increasingly accustomed to him because to his Village Food Channel YouTube channel. On YouTube, Chuttipara has become well-known for his food-related films. Chuttipara was born in the Keralan district of Palakkad, in the village of Elappully. From 2007 through 2012, Firoz was a welder in Saudi Arabia. He had no desire to return now, as he had not done in 2012. He then opened a photostat business in his hometown. A YouTube channel called Craft Media created after the company’s sales didn’t meet expectations. Started filming films relating to cooking there. A brief channel expansion occurred. The Village Food Channel changed its name to Craft Media a few months later.

Firoz Chuttipara: Creative Touch

Then, Firoz Chuttiparabegan uploaded his own movies to his just-opened Travel Master YouTube account. He received the prize for best food vlogger in 2021 from 24 News Social Media Awards. The biggest news network in Malayalam. The way that Firoz and his friends’ The Village Food Channel transforms food, especially meat, into a culinary spectacle has won it a tonne of fans among viewers. Palakkad native Firoz Chuttipara moved there to work as a welder. He never imagined that five years later, as a talented meat chef, he would return. On his very first effort in the kitchen, Firoz recalled creating his mother’s methi curry. A fiery Keralan sardine stew that is comforting when served with hot rice.

Firoz, who is from Chuttippara near Kalleppully in Palakkad, joined it wearing his tucked-up lungi. The YouTube Cookery scene dominated by trendy kitchens and microwave ovens. He immediately gained popularity on YouTube for his culinary demos, which he did close to a sizable paddy field and which featured his adorable Palakkadan dialect. Numerous “Likes” numbered in the thousands. The fame of Firoz Chuttippara on social media grew swiftly. The massive quantities of food he prepared for the presentation and donated to orphanages as part of his philanthropic deed were also well received. In Firoz’s videos, the breathtaking scenery of the Palakkadan area is particularly emphasised.

Firoz Chuttipara

Life At Best

Six years before, Firoz inspired to launch a YouTube channel after reading an article in Malayala Manorama. None of the channels he had started, including a Travel Channel and a Craft Channel, was a success. From 2007 through 2012, Firoz worked there. Firoz once decided while on vacation that he would not return, so he started a photostat shop that had to be shut down after only 1.5 years.

His bamboo biriyani experiments include the “Mula,” which cooked inside foot-long bamboo stems and served with yogurt raita. For a perfect bamboo biriyani, Firoz emphasizes that the stems of the bamboo must be carefully cleaned and oiled on the inside. Even though Kerala food is his main focus, Firoz is open to experimenting with well-known dishes from other states. Attu Kaal paaya (mutton leg paaya) from Tamil Nadu and Hyderabadi Masala Chicken are two of the well-known recipes that Firoz has made.

This welder-turned-chef continues his culinary journey by filming movies in his friend’s backyard in Chuttipara, receiving love and support from the locals. On the day of the shoot, many of his pals arrive to help with the preparations or to surreptitiously support the crew.

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